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My preg­nancy was a breeze, but on 4 March 2016 things sud­denly changed when the doc­tor de­cided to do an emer­gency C-sec­tion. Our lit­tle girl had turned breech, the cord was wrapped around her neck twice and her heart­beat was slow, mak­ing it very dan­ger­ous. Mia-nè was born at 17:05 that day, four weeks pre­ma­ture. They took her away the mo­ment she was born and put her on oxy­gen, telling me I would hold her as soon as she was bet­ter. I waited and waited. These were the most drain­ing hours of my life. After three hours they told me she was not cop­ing on her own.

I only saw my baby the next morn­ing when my hus­band, Pi­eter, took me in a wheel­chair to ICU. When we ar­rived my lit­tle girl was on a ven­ti­la­tor and a drip. See­ing her with all the ma­chines and know­ing that her life was in dan­ger was one of the sad­dest things a new mommy can cope with.

The nights when we left the hos­pi­tal I cried till the next morn­ing. I was so afraid that I would not see her the next morn­ing. We met a great nurse, though, who sent us SMSS through the nights to keep us aware of any changes.

Our lit­tle girl got a bleed­ing ul­cer from the trauma she went through when she was only nine days old and they gave her a blood trans­fu­sion be­cause she lost so much blood.

We prayed and tried to be­lieve that God would heal our baby girl. There were days when her con­di­tion wors­ened and we didn’t know how to cope.

I prayed to God to heal our girl and I put my trust in Him for I knew that He would do a mir­a­cle for us, but some days I won­dered if God had for­got­ten about us. My grandpa also prayed for her and we started a prayer group via What­sapp where peo­ple fam­ily and friends from all over started pray­ing with us. Al­though we went through a very rocky start and so many tears I be­lieve that God used our lit­tle baby to touch the lives and hearts of so many peo­ple around her. The day that lit­tle Mia-nè came out of hos­pi­tal I knew that so many more peo­ple be­lieved in mir­a­cles again. She is our mir­a­cle baby. We would not have made it if it wasn’t for the great sup­port net­work we had.

Ev­ery mother wishes for a healthy child and noth­ing in the world can pre­pare you for some­thing like this. But be­ing in God’s hand and hav­ing that prom­ise that He will never for­sake you is the best thing you can hold on to.

We made a prom­ise to God to share her story and that we would tell the world about His heal­ing hands. God still does mir­a­cles. SAMMY SMIT FROM SECUNDA

Lit­tle Mia-nè’s first few weeks were very trau­matic

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