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Bath­time and bath prod­ucts

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PREPA­RA­TION IS KEY. First pre­pare the chang­ing space with a clean baby­gro and vest, a clean nappy and soft, warm tow­els.

Make sure you gather to­gether ev­ery­thing else you need be­fore­hand, such as the baby bath, non-slip mat, chang­ing mat, face cloth, rins­ing jug, tow­els, sham­poo, soaps and creams.

Choose a room in the house for the bath where there are no draughts and en­sure that the room is com­fort­ably warm. The bath and chang­ing mat should be close to­gether.

Now you’re ready… 1 Fill the baby bath half­way with wa­ter. It should be warm – not luke­warm, but not hot ei­ther. Check with your wrist or el­bow and swirl the wa­ter around so there are no hot patches. If you’re un­sure, you could use a baby bath ther­mome­ter that in­di­cates the cor­rect tem­per­a­ture. Un­dress your baby, wrap him in a towel and clean his face gen­tly with damp cot­ton wool. Wipe the eyes gen­tly from the in­side cor­ner to the out­side cor­ner. Use a fresh cot­ton wool ball for each eye.

2 Wash your baby’s hair next. Keep him wrapped in the towel and hold his head over the bath. Wet his hair. Ap­ply a bit of sham­poo and gen­tly lather. Keep his head tipped slightly down­wards so no wa­ter runs into his eyes. Rinse his hair us­ing your cupped hand or a small jug. Put him back on the chang­ing mat and dry his hair.

Un­wrap the towel and wipe his bot­tom with damp cot­ton wool. 3 Rub soap all over your baby’s body. Re­mem­ber the neck, hands and feet. This will make your baby slip­pery, but it’s eas­ier than lath­er­ing him in the bath. You can use a face­cloth to get a bet­ter grip on him when you lift him into the wa­ter. 4 With your fore­arm sup­port­ing his neck and head, hold your baby’s outer arm firmly in one hand. With your free hand, hold his in­ner up­per thigh. Lower him gen­tly into the wa­ter, feet first, then the bum, then the rest. Keep his head above the wa­ter.

When your baby’s lower body is rest­ing on the bot­tom of the baby bath, you can re­lease the hand that was hold­ing the leg. Use this hand to wash him and to swirl wa­ter around his body to rinse. Your other hand should stay in the same hold, be­hind his neck. Let him en­joy his time in the wa­ter. Talk to him or make coo­ing sounds to re­as­sure him. Bath time can be a won­der­ful time for bond­ing too.

5 Once your baby is rinsed, he should be a lit­tle less slip­pery. Use the same hold to lift him out: one hand be­hind the neck hold­ing the far arm, and the other hand hold­ing the op­po­site thigh. It can be eas­ier to lift your baby onto your lap first be­fore you move him to the chang­ing mat. A clever tip is to have a towel tucked into your belt be­fore you start with the bath. Pat his skin dry, don’t rub. Re­mem­ber the folds of skin un­der his arms, at the top of the legs and around his neck. Once he is dry, you could mas­sage him be­fore you dress him for bed. Mas­sage helps him re­lax. YB

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