Winds and colic

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Ba­bies of­ten swal­low air while they feed. This can make them feel very un­com­fort­able and cause cramps and even tears. Try the fol­low­ing in or­der to min­imise the ef­fect of winds, but re­mem­ber, stay pa­tient as it can take a few min­utes to re­lease the air:

Po­si­tion your baby prop­erly dur­ing a feed. Whether you are giv­ing breast or bot­tle, make sure your baby’s head is al­ways a lit­tle higher than his tummy. This en­sures that grav­ity helps the milk go down and any trapped air will nat­u­rally want to find its way up­wards. After the feed you can pat out the winds. Try a few dif­fer­ent po­si­tions to find the one that works best for your baby:

1) Hold baby up­right against your body with his head rest­ing on your shoul­der. Sup­port his bum with your arm. Now pat and rub his back with your free hand.

2) Let your baby sit on your lap fac­ing side­ways. Rest his arm against your fore­arm and hold him un­der his armpit away from you. Use your free hand to rub or pat his back firmly from bot­tom to top.

3) Lie your baby face down over your fore­arm, with his head higher than his legs. Pat his back with firm up­ward strokes with your other hand.

Bonus tips: Tummy time on the floor can help wind to come loose, as can mak­ing cy­cling mo­tions with his legs while he lies on his back. Dads are usu­ally tal­ented wind re­leasers, so pass your baby to his fa­ther after a feed. It’s good for bond­ing too.

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