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Here is my ba­sic, tried and tested, al­most flop-proof play­dough recipe. The se­cret to keep­ing it ex­cit­ing and in­ter­est­ing is that I try to make it look or smell dif­fer­ent ev­ery time. Do this by adding dif­fer­ent food colour­ing or flavours to the dough. This is a won­der­ful way to take a simple ac­tiv­ity and turn it into a mul­ti­sen­sory ex­pe­ri­ence. Please note, this recipe is com­pletely taste-friendly.


• 1 cup flour • 2½ tea­spoons cream of tar­tar • ¹/³ cup salt • 1 cup wa­ter • 2 ta­ble­spoon veg­etable oil, as well as ex­tra to coat it in be­fore you store it (this pre­vents the dough from dry­ing out and crys­tal­liz­ing on the out­side) • food col­or­ing (wa­ter based food col­or­ing is prefer­able, as it does not stain the skin as much as gel colour­ing) • flavour or essence (op­tional)


• In a large saucepan, com­bine all of the

dry in­gre­di­ents. • Mix in 2 ta­ble­spoons of oil, as well as

1 cup of wa­ter. • Stir the mix­ture con­tin­u­ously over

medium low heat. • Once the mix­ture starts to thicken, add

in the food col­or­ing. • Stir un­til the dough be­gins to pull away

from the sides of the saucepan. • Tip the dough out onto a plate, and

al­low to cool. • Once the dough is cool enough to

han­dle, knead it into a smooth ball. • Once you are ready to store it to play with an­other day, roll into a smooth ball, coat it with oil, and ei­ther cover it with cling wrap, or store it in a zi­plock bag.

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