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Say YES to the hand-me-down. With your first child, it’s ex­tremely tempt­ing to want ev­ery­thing to be sparkling and new, but when your sis­ter-in-law of­fers you her twice-used cot or com­pactum, smile and say ‘thank you’. You’ll be very re­lieved to have that cash on hand for all the un­ex­pected costs that sneak up on you when baby ar­rives. Par­tic­u­larly with fur­ni­ture like cots, com­pactums, high chairs and baby baths, there’s noth­ing that a fresh coat of paint or a good scrub with dis­in­fec­tant can’t fix. The one ex­cep­tion to this rule: the car seat. That, you should buy new if you can.

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