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Four sis­ters preg­nant to­gether

Your Pregnancy - - Contents - YP KASHIEFAH KAMROODIEN (33)

couldn’t wait to tell her sis­ters she was preg­nant! Her baby boy was due in March 2017 and would be her third baby, af­ter seven-year-old Zayaan and three­year-old Zaeem. Hav­ing gone off the pill for med­i­cal rea­sons, she and her hus­band Umr Gal­lant didn’t plan this preg­nancy as much as na­ture sim­ply took her course. She cer­tainly didn’t in­tend to be preg­nant at the same time as any­one else in her close-knit fam­ily. Kashiefah de­cided to let her fam­ily know via the fam­ily What­sApp group that a new lit­tle baby was on his way – and much ex­cite­ment en­sued. Kashiefah has two older sis­ters, Mehnaaz (40) and Zul­fah (36), and one younger sis­ter, Fir­dous (28). El­der sis­ter Zul­fah takes up the story: “I was telling my hus­band, Shier­aaj, that re­cently I was find­ing our old­est sis­ter, Mehnaaz, quite closed-off and un­com­mu­nica­tive.” Th­ese two sis­ters and their mother all live in two houses on the same prop­erty, and so they see each other all the time. “I even joked with my hus­band that maybe, as the old­est, Mehnaaz was show­ing signs of early menopause,” she half-jokes. But be­fore long, the rea­son for Mehnaaz’ be­hav­iour was re­vealed via the fam­ily What­sApp group: she was suf­fer­ing from very bad nau­sea be­cause she, too, was preg­nant! “My hus­band and I laughed and laughed, be­cause what had we been imag­in­ing? Some­thing com­pletely op­po­site!” Zul­fah re­mem­bers. “Mehnaaz and her hus­band Waseem have four chil­dren, and Laeeq, her eldest, is al­ready 18! When he found out he was get­ting a baby brother or sis­ter, he was ac­tu­ally speech­less. Aqi­lah is 16, then there’s a gap, Raaid is 6 and ev­ery­body in­clud­ing Mehnaaz her­self thought two-year-old Rashiqa would be her last-born.” Mehnaaz is con­sid­ered the most en­er­getic of the sis­ters. “She al­ways finds time to cook, shop, clean, and look af­ter chil­dren, and she works at Cape Na­ture!” With a brood of five, she’ll need that leg­endary en­ergy of hers. Luck­ily, mom Zubeida is close by so help is al­ways at hand. A month later the in­fa­mous fam­ily What­sApp group pinged once more. Oh yes, it was preg­gie news again! Says Zul­fah: “Fir­dous mes­saged us: ‘You won’t be­lieve it but I’m also preg­nant.’ OK, so now we knew we def­i­nitely needed to get to­gether to cel­e­brate Fir­dous and Waseem’s news, but also the fact that three sis­ters were preg­nant at the same time.” Zul­fah’s hus­band jok­ingly said, “Imag­ine if you were also preg­nant…” Zul­fah dis­missed the idea – her eldest was six and there was no sign of a suc­ces­sor yet. But of course, she was in­deed also ex­pect­ing. “The whole fam­ily was get­ting to­gether for Guy Fawkes,” she ex­plains. “I had found out my news about a week be­fore that. I told my hus­band, to­day I am go­ing to tell them all,” she re­mem­bers. “My mom was sit­ting inside watch­ing TV. I said, ‘Mommy, I have some­thing to tell you. I’m preg­nant. I’m go­ing out­side to tell ev­ery­one else.’ I stepped out and shouted to gather them all: ‘Guys, I have an an­nounce­ment. I’m also preg­nant.’” And so, for six months be­tween Oc­to­ber 2016 and up to 27 March 2017, when baby Raqeeb was born, all four sis­ters were, in­cred­i­bly, preg­nant at the same time. Sud­denly, the sis­ters were fa­mous. “Fir­dous’ gy­nae says that it’s the first he has ever heard of four sis­ters be­ing preg­nant at the same time, and it’s def­i­nitely a mir­a­cle,” says Zul­fah. “Ev­ery­body says we must have planned it, and when they hear we didn’t, they are amazed. We have been ad­vised to trea­sure this time as it will never again be like this in our home. My mom went to a fam­ily func­tion and she was the most fa­mous per­son there. Ev­ery­one was con­grat­u­lat­ing her on the daugh­ters be­ing preg­nant. I’m sure she felt like a celebrity!” “Mehnaaz never wants to know if she’s car­ry­ing a girl or a boy, so it will be a sur­prise,” says Zul­fah. The other three ba­bies are all boys, so the doc­tors say. Will it be a full house of boys for gran Zubeida? Zul­fah has one daugh­ter, six-yearold Tazkiya, and she was the only one of the sis­ters who con­fesses to hav­ing con­tem­plated preg­nancy again, as her first-born was get­ting quite old al­ready. She’s due with her lit­tle boy on 23 June. Tazkiya has been ask­ing for a sib­ling for years, although on the day the news came, she was over­whelmed and emo­tional about it. Now, she can’t wait any­more and reg­u­larly prods her mom’s stom­ach, nudg­ing her lit­tle brother out. “She’s used to many cousins,” says Zul­fah. “Now she’s fi­nally get­ting her own sib­ling.” But baby sis­ter Fir­dous is not to be out­done, and the race is on, be­cause her baby is due on 19 June, just five days be­fore Zul­fah’s, to be a lit­tle brother to three-year-old Aneeq! So the fi­nal ques­tion mark is whether Fir­dous will beat Zul­fah to the labour ward, or vice versa? The sis­ters re­alise how blessed they are to share such a rare jour­ney to­gether. “Our hus­bands are awe­some, they’re sup­port­ive and are 100% on board,” says Zul­fah. “Over­all, ev­ery­one we meet, whether fam­ily, friends, col­leagues or strangers, are taken by our preg­nan­cies. I am still to hear of four or more South African sis­ters that were preg­nant at the same time.”


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