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Dr. Brown’s newly re­designed Deluxe Bot­tle Ster­il­izer uses steam to ster­il­ize six bot­tles at once! The easy-touse elec­tronic con­trols, with cy­cle in­di­ca­tors and auto shut-off makes it sim­ple to quickly ster­il­ize baby bot­tles. A re­mov­able tray per­fectly holds all the bot­tles in a po­si­tion for steam to di­rectly reach inside each bot­tle. The ac­ces­sory tray holds small items, such as breast pump parts, nip­ples and paci­fiers, so you can con­ve­niently clean all of your baby items at once. Tongs are in­cluded for you to grab the bot­tles once they are fin­ished be­ing ster­il­ized.

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