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Q:I’m five months preg­nant and I’ve been ex­pe­ri­enc­ing a lot of dizzi­ness and fa­tigue. I thought I was sup­posed to feel bet­ter in the mid­dle of my preg­nancy. It’s still three weeks be­fore I go to the clinic again – should I try to get help for this ear­lier, or will it pass?

A:Cynthia an­swers: The main cause of dizzi­ness in preg­nancy is due to the ris­ing hor­mones that cause your blood ves­sels to re­lax and widen. This helps in­crease the blood flow to your baby, but it slows the re­turn of the blood in the veins to you. This causes your blood pres­sure to be lower than usual, which can re­duce the blood flow to your brain, tem­po­rar­ily caus­ing dizzi­ness. Dizzi­ness is also caused by low blood sugar lev­els that may oc­cur as your body adapts to changes in your me­tab­o­lism. Women who are anaemic or who have vari­cose veins may be more sus­cep­ti­ble to dizzi­ness than oth­ers. Dur­ing this stage of preg­nancy, dizzi­ness may be be­cause your grow­ing uterus puts pres­sure on the blood ves­sels. Here are some help­ful sug­ges­tions to re­duce dizzi­ness: • Avoid stand­ing for long pe­ri­ods. If you must stand, make sure that you keep your feet mov­ing to help in­crease cir­cu­la­tion. • Get up slowly from ei­ther sit­ting or ly­ing down (this is es­pe­cially im­por­tant when you are get­ting out of the bath). • Eat reg­u­larly. Avoid long pe­ri­ods be­tween meals; it is bet­ter to snack through­out the day. • Avoid hot baths or show­ers. • Avoid ly­ing on your back as the uterus grows. • Wear loose, com­fort­able cloth­ing to avoid re­strict­ing cir­cu­la­tion. • Eat foods rich in iron. When to con­tact your health care provider: • Go to the clinic im­me­di­ately if your dizzi­ness is ac­com­pa­nied by vagi­nal bleed­ing and/or pain in your ab­domen, blurred vi­sion, headaches, or pal­pi­ta­tions • This may be a symp­tom of se­vere anaemia or some other ill­ness that could have a neg­a­tive ef­fect on your preg­nancy.

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