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Ilove a new leaf! Ev­ery Mon­day is a chance to start again; so is ev­ery first of the month; and of course ev­ery new year. But the big­gest chance at a new leaf you’ll ever get is dur­ing your preg­nancy. Of course, we all know in broad terms how to live good, healthy lives. How­ever, in our pre­moth­er­hood years we will of­ten work too hard, party too hard, eat on the run or not at all, waste time in re­la­tion­ships that don’t nour­ish us, and put our own well-be­ing rather low down on a long to-do list. We’ll take risks and even ex­pose our­selves to po­ten­tial harm. How quickly the pic­ture changes, though, when we find out that an­other life is at stake – the most pre­cious life ever: that of your fu­ture child. As 2017 changes into 2018 and you await the birth of your baby, please take my mes­sage to heart: If you want to be a good mother, look af­ter your­self first. Mother your­self a lit­tle. This is not a lux­ury, but a ne­ces­sity. Take time to think about what kind of par­ent you want to be, what kind of child you want to raise and the kind of home life you want to cre­ate. Then de­cide what needs to change. Maybe you sim­ply want to eat more fruit and veg­eta­bles. Maybe you want to quit smok­ing, or maybe you need to get out of a bad re­la­tion­ship. Your de­ci­sion will take courage and you’ll need de­ter­mi­na­tion to see your choices through. For­tu­nately, for us women, this is eas­ier when we do it with a baby in mind and not just for our­selves. We’re just wired that way, and it re­ally is quite won­der­ful. Your Preg­nancy is here to sup­port you in your de­ci­sions and the new leaf you want to turn. Please sup­port us in 2018 as well and keep the let­ters and con­nec­tion go­ing. Hugs

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