Mas­sive mamba is evicted from its home

Zululand Observer - Monday - - NEWS - Muzi Zin­c­ume

A HUGE black mamba was re­moved on Thurs­day from the busi­ness yard that had been its ‘home’ for at least three weeks.

Su­per­vi­sor at Build-It Ware­house in Em­pan­geni, Zakhele Zwane said be­cause of his love of wild crea­tures he did not want to kill the ven­omous rep­tile, and had let it roam the yard freely as it was not in­ter­rupt­ing any op­er­a­tions.

‘It was liv­ing be­tween the pal­lets and it had three favourite spots. We used to check on it ev­ery now and then to know its where­abouts.

‘It was not ag­gres­sive, so I urged my col­leagues not to kill it but to let it be,’ said Zwane.

‘Snakes are part of our lives and are gen­er­ally very peace­ful so I knew that it was look­ing for some­thing to eat like rats and frogs from the bushes around our yard, so there was no need for us to kill it.’

How­ever, in the in­ter­ests of pro­tect­ing both the snake and any per­son who might ac­ci­den­tally cause it to strike, he de­cided to con­tact a snake catcher.

Lo­cal ex­pert Fred Lubbe was called in and he suc­cess­fully un­der­took the po­ten­tially dan­ger­ous re­moval of the huge mamba, which was ex­tremely an­gry at be­ing force­fully re­moved.

It was taken to a safer habi­tat and re­leased there. Lubbe said al­though the black mamba is is deadly snake and can be­come ag­gres­sive, this is just to de­fend it­self.

‘It only at­tacks a hu­man if it is cor­nered or if some­one steps on it,’ he said

Muzi Zin­c­ume

Snake catcher, Fred Lubbe re­leased the black mamba into a safe habi­tat

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