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Di­rect com­po­si­te res­to­ra­tions for the pos­te­rior re­gion ha­ve be­co­me a standard part of mo­dern con­ser­va­ti­ve/res­to­ra­ti­ve den­tistry. This ty­pe of res­to­ra­tion is very po­pu­lar with pa­tients and den­tists ali­ke, and its per­for­man­ce in the mas­ti­ca­tory load-bea­ring pos­te­rior teeth has now been de­mons­tra­ted in nu­me­rous cli­ni­cal stu­dies. In ad­di­tion to com­po­si­tes ba­sed on con­ven­tio­nal met­hacry­la­te che­mistry, or­mo­cer com­po­si­tes can al­so be used for this ran­ge of in­di­ca­tions.

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