Miss Uni­ver­se stri­kes back

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USA - For­mer “Miss Uni­ver­se” Ali­cia Ma­cha­do struck back Tues­day against in­sults hur­led at her by Do­nald Trump, saying that he was “ag­gres­si­ve” and “re­al­ly ru­de.”

Ma­cha­do, who re­pre­sen­ted Ve­ne­zu­e­la in Trump’s 1996 “Miss Uni­ver­se” com­pe­ti­ti­on said that Trump cal­l­ed her “Miss Hou­se­kee­ping” and “Miss Pig­gy” when she gai­ned weight af­ter win­ning the beau­ty pa­ge­ant. “I know what I left with him and he knows, too. And he was re­al­ly ag­gres­si­ve. He was re­al­ly ru­de. He was a bad per­son with me,” she told CNN’s An­der­son Coo­per on “AC360.” “That is the sto­ry that I need to sha­re with my com­mu­ni­ty. We can­not ac­cept no mo­re in­sults for my La­tin com­mu­ni­ty. No mo­re in­sults for the wo­men. I know very well Mr. Trump and I can see the sa­me per­son that I met 20 ye­ars ago.” At the pre­si­den­ti­al For­mer “Miss Uni­ver­se” Ali­cia Ma­cha­do. (Photo: Bu­si­ness In­si­der) de­ba­te on Mon­day, Clin­ton re­fe­ren­ced Ma­cha­do to ma­ke a big­ger point to Trump about his pu­blic tre­at­ment of wo­men -- which has be­co­me a key cam­paign is­sue that hits on his vul­ne­ra­bi­li­ties with both Hispa­nics and wo­men. “And one of the worst things he said was about a wo­man in a beau­ty con­test -- he lo­ves beau­ty con­tests, sup­por­ting them and han­ging around them -- and he cal­l­ed this wo­man ‘Miss Pig­gy,’ then he cal­l­ed her ‘Miss Hou­se­kee­ping’ be­cau­se she was La­ti­na,” Clin­ton had said. She con­ti­nued: “Do­nald, she has a na­me. Her na­me is Ali­cia Ma­cha­do. And she has be­co­me a US ci­ti­zen and you can bet she is go­ing to vo­te this No­vem­ber.”

Coo­per al­so as­ked Ma­cha­do about re­ports that she was ac­cu­sed of dri­ving a ge­ta­way car from a mur­der sce­ne soon af­ter the “Miss Uni­ver­se” pa­ge­ant. “The­re are re­ports that Trump sur­ro­ga­tes to­night ha­ve been re­fe­ren­cing and been poin­ting to ... about an in­ci­dent in 1998 in Ve­ne­zu­e­la whe­re you we­re ac­cu­sed of dri­ving a ge­ta­way car from a mur­der sce­ne. You we­re ne­ver char­ged with this. The ju­d­ge in the ca­se al­so said you th­re­a­ten­ed to kill him af­ter he in­dic­ted your boy­friend for the at­temp­ted mur­der. I just want to gi­ve you a chan­ce to res­pond the­se re­ports,” Coo­per said.


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