Far­mer exe­cu­ted in sus­pec­ted land dis­pu­te

Times of Suriname - - ENGELS -

Shockwa­ves rang throug­hout Ganga­ram sett­le­ment, East Can­je, Ber­bi­ce, when news of a li­ves­tock far­mer’s exe­cu­ti­on spread through the small com­mu­ni­ty li­ke wild­fire.

Dead is 38-year-old Ram­na­ri­ne Et­wa­roo, cal­l­ed “Bill”, a fa­ther of one, who­se bul­let riddled bo­dy was dis­co­ver­ed on Tues­day af­ter­noon at the Wing Road, Esta­te Dam area. In­for­ma­ti­on rea­ching this news­pa­per re­ve­a­led that the man who re­si­ded at Lot 84 Ganga­ram Vil­la­ge, East Can­je, left his ho­me to weed his pri­va­te land when he was exe­cu­ted. When Kai­e­teur News vi­si­ted the ho­me of the now dead man, loud screams and wails we­re heard as fa­mi­ly mem­bers we­re still trying to co­me to grips with the de­vasta­ting news. The man’s wi­fe, Ro­sie Hem­raj, was too dis­traught to speak to me­dia ope­ra­ti­ves. Ac­cor­ding to the man’s sis­ter-in-law, Sha­ra­da Hem­raj, they re­cei­ved a pho­ne call from re­la­ti­ves who sta­ted that the man had met with an ac­ci­dent and was left ly­ing on the road. “I send me fa­ther to go see what hap­pen and we call and call then we get the news that so­me­bo­dy shoot him and just leff him the­re.” The dead man’s fa­ther­in-law, Par­ba­lal Hem­raj, 63, told this new­s­cast that when he ar­ri­ved at the sce­ne, a lar­ge crowd had al­rea­dy gat­he­red. “When meh guh, meh see he lay down pon de road and he skin ful­la blood with about four ho­le all ova he bo­dy.” He told Kai­e­teur news that his son-in-law was a pea­ce­ful man and had no is­sues with re­si­dents in the com­mu­ni­ty. “He was qui­et and friend­ly. He nah had no pro­blem wid no­bo­dy in this pla­ce hay so meh can’t seh who would do dah.” Re­la­ti­ves sus­pec­ted that the man’s re­cent ban on per­sons tres­pas­sing on his land may be con­nec­ted to his gru­e­so­me de­ath. The man’s bo­dy was pick­ed up and ta­ken to the New Am­ster­dam Hos­pi­tal whe­re he was pro­noun­ced dead on ar­ri­val. In­ves­ti­ga­ti­ons are on­go­ing.


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