ECD de­tects ma­ny vi­o­la­ti­ons in Bro­ko­p­on­do and Si­pa­li­wini

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The Eco­no­mic Con­trol De­part­ment (ECD) at the Mi­ni­stry of Tra­de and In­du­stry (HI) has co­me across ma­ny vi­o­la­ti­ons du­ring last week’s in­spec­ti­ons of sto­res lo­ca­ted in the dis­tricts Bro­ko­p­on­do and Si­pa­li­wini. The ECD in­spec­tors re­por­ted­ly found fire­works in 2 sto­res. In one of the sto­res about 40 boxes of fire­works we­re found. The Fi­re De­part­ment poin­ted out that the re­tai­ler did not ha­ve a pro­per stor­a­ge fa­ci­li­ty and that he al­so did not com­ply with the sa­fe­ty re­gu­la­ti­ons. The­re re­por­ted­ly was not en­ough spa­ce bet­ween the stor­a­ge fa­ci­li­ty and the pla­ce whe­re goods we­re sold. The Fi­re De­part­ment is the­re­fo­re ur­ging re­tai­lers to de­li­ver fire­works to the dis­tri­bu­tors. The ECD in­spec­tors al­so ca­me across goods that did not ha­ve a pri­ce tag and that we­re being sold at a very high pri­ce. Re­tai­lers had re­por­ted­ly ex­cee­ded the 15% pro­fit mar­gin on in­fant for­mu­la. The ECD in­spec­tors in­struc­ted tho­se re­tai­lers to put a pri­ce tag on eve­ry­thing and to stick to the 15% pro­fit mar­gin on in­fant for­mu­la. The ECD in­spec­tors al­so found cock­ro­a­ches and rat poop on the shel­ves of a sto­re lo­ca­ted in At­jo­ni. They al­so found food pro­ducts which had al­rea­dy pas­sed the ex­pi­ra­ti­on da­te. Tho­se goods we­re de­st­roy­ed un­der the watch­ful eye of the ECD. The ECD al­so weig­hed pre­pack­a­ged goods to check if they had the pro­per weight and check­ed the sca­les. The ECD al­so sei­zed a few boxes of al­co­ho­lic drinks be­cau­se the re­tai­ler had not paid al­co­hol taxes. Ma­ny sto­res al­so sold agra­ri­an che­mi­cals, con­struc­ti­on ma­te­ri­al and equip­ment for gold miners even though they did not ha­ve a per­mit. The ECD sei­zed this stuff and ad­vi­sed the re­tai­lers to ap­ply for a per­mit. The in­spec­ti­ons we­re car­ried out in as­so­ci­a­ti­on with the mi­ni­stry’s re­gi­o­nal of­fi­ce at At­jo­ni.

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