Fi­re De­part­ment ur­ges pa­rents to stay alert

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The Fi­re De­part­ment Su­ri­na­me (KBS) is ur­ging pa­rents to stay alert when lea­ving their child­ren alo­ne in their car. Fi­re De­part­ment spo­kes­man Ol­ton Pi­nas told Ti­mes of Su­ri­na­me that pa­rents must stay alert es­pe­ci­al­ly with the ex­tre­me heat. “Pa­rents of­ten lea­ve their child(ren) alo­ne in the car when they want to do so­me quick shop­ping in a sto­re. If the en­gi­ne is run­ning and if the win­dows are clo­sed, it is pos­si­ble that the car could clo­se au­to­ma­ti­cally. This could cau­se the child to pa­nic and suf­fer oxy­gen loss. “If the child is very young, he or she can’t open the doors and could ha­ve dif­fi­cul­ty bre­a­thing,” said Pi­nas who ad­ded that so­me­ti­mes pa­rents shut down the car en­gi­ne but lea­ve the car keys in the ig­ni­ti­on. If the win­dows are clo­sed the child­ren must not be left alo­ne in the car be­cau­se they could al­so ha­ve trou­ble bre­a­thing. The Fi­re De­part­ment has al­rea­dy co­me across such a ca­se and ma­na­ged to res­cue the child though swift ac­ti­on. Pi­nas ad­vi­ses pa­rents not to lea­ve their child­ren alo­ne in the car, even if the en­gi­ne is run­ning or not.

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