Ac­ti­vists as­sem­ble in Com­me­wij­ne Dis­trict

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“Com­me­wij­ne has not aban­do­ned We zijn Moe (We are Ti­red),” said Cur­tis Hof­wijks, foun­der of the group of ac­ti­vists, at a mee­ting against the govern­ment’s mis­ma­na­ge­ment in the Com­me­wij­ne Dis­trict on Fri­day. De­spi­te the fact that the­re was not a big tur­nout, Hof­wijks be­lie­ves that the num­ber of at­ten­dees is not im­por­tant. “The mes­sa­ge to this ad­mi­ni­stra­ti­on must be loud and clear,” said Hof­wijks who ad­ded that he knows that the pe­o­p­le are go­ing through rough ti­mes and that they pre­fer to work and earn mo­ney in­stead of sup­por­ting cam­paigns. Hof­wijks poin­ted out that his group will spa­re no ef­forts in ma­king it clear to the govern­ment that “things can’t go on li­ke this.” “It is up to the pe­o­p­le be­cau­se the pe­o­p­le elec­ted the pre­si­dent and the pe­o­p­le can ma­ke su­re that the pre­si­dent steps down from of­fi­ce. The pre­si­dent re­cent­ly in­di­ca­ted that he would not re­sign but that is not up to him but the pe­o­p­le,” said Hof­wijks. 65-year-old He­mant Sew­da­jal, one of the pe­o­p­le who at­ten­ded the mee­ting, poin­ted out that “en­ough is en­ough.” “I can’t ma­ke ends meet with the SRD 525 that I re­cei­ve eve­ry month as old age pen­si­on. I am a far­mer so I do not ha­ve to buy ve­ge­ta­bles but I al­so ha­ve to work as a se­cu­ri­ty gu­ard at night be­cau­se of the high elec­tri­ci­ty bill and the high pri­ces of food pro­ducts. I al­so vo­t­ed for the NDP but it is ti­me for Bouta to step down.” The next ral­ly of We zijn Moe is sche­du­led to ta­ke pla­ce at Par­li­a­ment around 9 a.m. on Mon­day.

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