“An­nu­al speech is se­ries of emp­ty pro­mi­ses”

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The Pro­gres­si­ve Re­form Par­ty (VHP) re­cent­ly is­sued a press re­lea­se, in­di­ca­ting that the an­nu­al speech that the pre­si­dent ga­ve in Par­li­a­ment on Fri­day “is no­thing mo­re than a re­fe­ren­ce to a num­ber of am­bi­tious pro­jects.” “The an­nu­al speech must be con­si­de­red a se­ries of emp­ty pro­mi­ses, in­ten­ti­ons and wis­hes that can’t be ac­tu­a­li­zed due to the lack of vi­si­on, 6 ye­ars of mis­ma­na­ge­ment, the lack of aca­de­mic wor­kers, the lack of po­li­ti­cal will, cor­rup­ti­on and squan­de­ring mo­ney. It is not the first ti­me that the pre­si­dent has pre­sen­ted such plans. He has been pre­sen­ting the­se plans sin­ce 2010 but has not ma­na­ged to car­ry out much. Not even when the govern­ment re­cei­ved se­ve­r­al bil­li­ons in ad­di­ti­o­nal in­co­me. Gi­ven the track re­cord of the cur­rent govern­ment, the VHP ex­pects very litt­le of the po­li­cy goals and po­li­cy pro­grams. The pre­si­dent on­ce again ca­pi­ta­li­zed on the emo­ti­ons of the pe­o­p­le. The fu­tu­re sa­la­ry rai­se for sta­te em­ploy­ees, sta­te re­ti­rees and tho­se with equal sta­tus is ai­med at pre­ven­ting so­ci­al un­rest and that is con­tra­ry to what the govern­ment agreed with the In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Mo­ne­ta­ry Fund (IMF).” The VHP poin­ted out that Su­ri­na­me’s eco­no­my is in deep trou­ble as a re­sult of mis­ma­na­ge­ment. “Pre­si­dent Bou­ter­se is cur­rent­ly see­king bug loans at in­ter­na­ti­o­nal banks but things are go­ing slow­ly due to the lack of trust. The con­fi­den­ce in Pre­si­dent Bou­ter­se is crum­bling a litt­le bit eve­ry day. The Isla­mic De­vel­op­ment Bank (IsDB) has an­noun­ced that it will lend Su­ri­na­me $ 1.8 bil­li­on. But the­re is no transpa­rent po­li­cy be­cau­se no­bo­dy is saying how the loans will be paid off and that is of gra­ve con­cern to the VHP and the pe­o­p­le,” said the VHP who ad­ded that it is al­so con­cerned about the fact that the Plan Bu­reau and other exis­ting bu­reaus ha­ve been ben­ched. The VHP wants re­a­lis­tic pro­jects that are ba­sed on the needs of the Su­ri­na­me pe­o­p­le and that will con­tri­bu­te to the sustai­na­ble de­vel­op­ment of our coun­try. The VHP wants the fo­cus to be on good ide­as with broad so­ci­al sup­port and less on the mo­ney. The VHP ma­de it clear that pre­vious pro­jects tur­ned out to be me­ga il­lu­si­ons that we­re high­ly sen­si­ti­ve to cor­rup­ti­on. “Af­ter his an­nu­al speech Pre­si­dent Bou­ter­se went to Ocer (De Berm) to ad­dress a hand­ful of sup­por­ters. Be­cau­se of the poor tur­nout he cri­ti­ci­zed the VHP. He said that the VHP ur­ged pe­o­p­le to go on stri­ke. The VHP ne­ver ur­ged any­bo­dy to go on stri­ke. The VHP does howe­ver sup­port ac­ti­ons against the mis­ma­na­ge­ment of the cur­rent govern­ment and will con­ti­nue to do so in the in­te­rest of the pe­o­p­le and the coun­try.”

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