Ore­gon girl in­vents ‘smart ban­da­ge’

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USA – An Ore­gon teen­a­ger has in­ven­ted a ban­da­ge that can tell doc­tors when it needs to be chan­ged, im­pres­sing Goog­le ju­d­ges and se­cu­ring a $15,000 scho­lar­ship. Anus­h­ka Nai­k­na­wa­re, 13, pla­ced in the top eight in an in­ter­na­ti­o­nal sci­en­ce con­test run by Goog­le, the AP re­ports. She won the Lego Edu­ca­ti­on Buil­der Award, which in­clu­ded the scho­lar­ship, a free trip to Lego world he­ad­quar­ters in Den­mark, and a year of en­tre­pre­neur­ship men­to­ring from a Lego exe­cu­ti­ve, re­ports the Ore­go­ni­an.

Lar­ge wounds must be kept moist to pro­mo­te he­a­ling, but chan­ging ban­da­ges too of­ten to check moi­stu­re le­vels can ma­ke things wor­se. To sol­ve that pro­blem, Anus­h­ka, a se­venth-gra­der at Stol­ler Midd­le School in Port­land, de­sig­ned and tested a ban­da­ge that is em­bed­ded with tiny mo­ni­tors. They can sen­se moi­stu­re le­vels and al­low me­di­cal wor­kers to de­ter­mi­ne whe­ther the dres­sing has dried out en­ough that the ban­da­ge needs to be chan­ged. Goog­le ju­d­ges na­med her one of 16 glo­bal fi­na­lists, all of whom tra­ve­led to the com­pa­ny’s he­ad­quar­ters in Moun­tain View, Ca­lif., to pre­sent their pro­ject. Anus­h­ka was the youn­gest per­son to win one of the glo­bal pri­zes. (new­ser)

Anus­h­ka Nai­k­na­wa­re. (Pho­to: Ra­vi Nai­k­na­wa­re)

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