Fa­mi­lies who fa­ce ho­me auc­ti­on turn to God

Times of Suriname - - ENGELS -

The fa­mi­lies from An­jer Hou­sing Park who­se ho­mes will be auc­ti­o­ned are re­por­ted­ly see­king help from a su­pre­me court jud­ge. The spo­kes­man of the re­si­dents at An­jer Hou­sing Park, Fred Lo­b­man, told Ti­mes of Su­ri­na­me that a jud­ge has ru­led that 2 ho­mes and a plot will be auc­ti­o­ned on No­vem­ber 22. The re­si­dents and Pas­tor Irash Sew­datt ha­ve re­por­ted­ly held a church ser­vi­ce to seek help from God. They are as­king God to per­form a mi­ra­cle so that the fa­mi­lies do not end up on the streets. They know that any­thing is pos­si­ble with the su­pre­me jud­ge be­cau­se He can per­form mi­ra­cles. The pro­blems of the fa­mi­lies ha­ve been pre­sen­ted to God. The pe­o­p­le ha­ve as­ked God to sol­ve the pro­blem so that the auc­ti­ons will not ta­ke pla­ce. “We ex­pect a mi­ra­cle,” said the re­si­dents who al­so ho­pe that the govern­ment will pre­sent a so­lu­ti­on.

Lo­b­man poin­ted out that the fa­mi­lies built their ho­mes at the pri­va­te hou­sing pro­ject and that they ha­ve li­ved the­re for ma­ny ye­ars. At the re­quest of the re­si­dents the Ener­gy Com­pa­ny Su­ri­na­me (EBS) and the Su­ri­na­me Wa­ter Com­pa­ny (SWM) al­so ma­de li­ving at the pro­ject pleasant for them by pro­vi­ding them with elec­tri­ci­ty and wa­ter. But cre­di­tors who want their mo­ney back from the re­al es­ta­te dea­ler and ow­ner of the pro­ject ha­ve had the en­ti­re hou­sing pro­ject sei­zed, in­clu­ding the plots that had al­rea­dy been sold. The cre­di­tors suc­ces­sful­ly fi­led se­ve­r­al law­s­uits against in­di­vi­du­al ho­meow­ners. The ho­meow­ners poin­ted out that they are not in­vol­ved in the dis­pu­te bet­ween the re­al es­ta­te dea­ler and the cre­di­tors but that they are the on­es paying a hea­vy pri­ce.

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