“They hard­ly spo­ke”

Times of Suriname - - ENGELS - PEOPLE. By the Sea An­ge­li­na Jo­lie and Brad Pitt in ‘By the Sea.’ (Pho­to: Uni­ver­sal Pic­tu­res).

USA - In the wa­ke of their shoc­king split, Brad Pitt and An­ge­li­na Jo­lie fight over the fu­tu­re of their six kids. Sub­scri­be now for ex­clu­si­ve new de­tails on the tur­moil they hid for ye­ars, on­ly in

Fil­ming wasn’t qui­te the “un­con­ven­ti­o­nal ho­ney­moon” Brad Pitt an­dAn­ge­li­na Jo­lie ho­ped for. Just af­ter they wed in 2014, Jo­lie, 41, and Pitt, 52, jet­ted off to the Me­di­ter­ra­nean na­ti­on of Mal­ta with their six child­ren to be­gin fil­ming the ’70s dra­ma about a trou­b­led mar­ried cou­ple, di­rec­ted and writ­ten by Jo­lie. In re­al li­fe, the pair’s re­la­ti­ons­hip al­rea­dy ap­pe­a­red to be roc­ky. Tho­se on the set of the mo­vie tell PEOPLE that Jo­lie and Pitt see­med dis­tant and un­hap­py. “They hard­ly spo­ke when they we­re to­gether,” a set sour­ce tells PEOPLE in this week’s co­ver sto­ry, ad­ding that they of­ten took se­pa­ra­te bu­si­ness trips on the week­ends. Jo­lie and Pitt ren­ted three vil­las for them­sel­ves, the kids and eight na­n­nies, the sour­ce says. Due to their ce­le­bri­ty sta­tus, the fa­mi­ly li­ved most­ly in iso­la­ti­on whi­le fil­ming. The kids play­ed in the pool, but “they couldn’t go any­whe­re on the is­land be­cau­se of who they are,” says the sour­ce. Their ol­dest son, Mad­dox, 15, pit­ched in as a pro­duc­ti­on as­sis­tant and was “a re­al­ly ni­ce guy,” the sour­ce says. When they we­ren’t fil­ming, Jo­lie and Pitt “we­re qui­te dis­tant” with each other, ad­ds the sour­ce. Du­ring his off­ti­me, a down­beat Pitt would go to a lo­cal bar for a light beer, ne­ver mo­re than two. “He would be very qui­et and just keep to himself,” says an on­loo­ker. “An­ge­li­na was ne­ver with him.” Says the set sour­ce: “It was not a ho­ney­moon.”


The Dut­ch­man said he didn’t know he was in­ter­rup­ting a ser­mon. (Pho­to: afp)

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