Gu­y­a­na to test for Zi­ka Vi­rus within three weeks

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Tes­ting for the Zi­ka Vi­rus will be do­ne at lo­cal la­bo­ra­to­ries within the next three weeks. This dis­clo­su­re was ma­de by Mi­nis­ter of Sta­te, Mr. Jo­seph Har­mon, yes­ter­day, du­ring this week’s post Ca­bi­net press brie­fing at the Mi­ni­stry of the Pre­si­d­en­cy.

Ac­cor­ding to Har­mon, Ca­bi­net is awa­re that the­re are a num­ber of re­por­ted Zi­ka Vi­rus in­fec­ti­ons in Gu­y­a­na and has ur­ged that eve­ry ef­fort be ma­de to ad­dress this sta­te of af­fairs via the Mi­ni­stry of Pu­blic He­alth. The Mi­nis­ter of Sta­te dis­clo­sed that du­ring Tues­day’s sit­ting of Ca­bi­net, Mi­nis­ter of He­alth, Dr. Ge­or­ge Nor­ton, dis­clo­sed the Mi­ni­stry’s ap­pro­ach to the ge­ne­ral ma­na­ge­ment of the vi­rus. “As it re­la­tes to re­ports over the last week or so that the­re ha­ve been two or three ca­ses of the Zi­ka Vi­rus af­fec­ting wo­men who would ha­ve de­li­ve­r­ed at the Ge­or­ge­to­wn Pu­blic Hos­pi­tal Cor­po­ra­ti­on (GPHC),” said Har­mon. Mi­nis­ter Nor­ton had said that his Mi­ni­stry has been mo­ni­to­ring two mi­cro­cep­ha­lic bir­ths. Mi­cro­cep­ha­ly is a con­di­ti­on that has been lin­ked to re­cent out­breaks of Zi­ka Vi­rus which is charac­te­ri­sed by ba­bies being born with un­der­de­vel­o­ped heads. In Au­gust the Pu­blic He­alth Mi­ni­stry con­fir­med that four preg­nant wo­men we­re dia­gno­sed with the Zi­ka Vi­rus. The vi­rus is trans­mit­ted by Ae­des-ty­pe mosqui­toes which al­so trans­mit Chi­kun­gu­nya and den­gue. The­re is no cu­re for the vi­rus, but tre­at­ment is ma­de avai­la­ble for the sympt­oms ma­ni­fe­sted.

Sympt­oms can in­clu­de fe­ver, rash, joint or mus­cle pain, he­a­d­a­che or con­junc­ti­vi­tis (pink eye) with mi­cro­cep­ha­ly and the Guil­li­an-Bar­re syn­dro­me being among the mo­re wor­rying re­sul­ting con­di­ti­ons lin­ked to the vi­rus. The Guil­li­an-Bar­re syn­dro­me im­pacts the bo­dy’s de­fen­ce and is known to wea­ken the ner­vous sy­s­tem. Gu­y­a­na has been de­pen­ding ex­clu­si­ve­ly on CARPHA to con­firm sus­pec­ted ca­ses of the vi­rus. One of the preg­nant wo­men dia­gno­sed with the vi­rus had suf­fe­red a mis­car­ria­ge and at least one has gi­ven birth to a nor­mal ba­by but is being mo­ni­to­red along with her ba­by. Re­ports, howe­ver, sug­ge­sted that a third wo­man had re­fu­sed to avail herself for mo­ni­to­ring whi­le a fourth was being clo­se­ly mo­ni­to­red. (Kai­e­teur­

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