Rus­sia con­si­ders mi­li­ta­ry ba­ses in Viet­nam and Cu­ba

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RUS­SIA - Rus­sia is con­si­de­ring plans to res­to­re mi­li­ta­ry ba­ses in Viet­nam and Cu­ba that had ser­ved as pi­vots of So­viet glo­bal mi­li­ta­ry po­wer du­ring the Cold War, Rus­si­an news agen­cies quo­t­ed Rus­si­an De­pu­ty De­fen­ce Mi­nis­ter Ni­ko­lai Pank­ov as saying yes­ter­day.

“We are de­a­ling with this is­sue,” the agen­cies quo­t­ed Pank­ov as saying in Rus­sia’s par­li­a­ment. Rus­sia lo­we­red its flag at the Lour­des sig­nals in­tel­li­gen­ce ba­se in Cu­ba and the deep­wa­ter Cam Rahn na­val ba­se in Viet­nam in the ear­ly 2000s as part of a dra­wing down of Rus­sia’s mi­li­ta­ry pre­sen­ce around the world af­ter the de­mi­se of the So­viet Union. But sin­ce then, Mo­scow’s fo­reign po­li­cy has be­co­me mo­re as­ser­ti­ve, leading to ten­si­ons with the Uni­ted Sta­tes and its al­lies over, among other is­sues, the con­flicts in Ukrai­ne and Sy­ria, and the pre­sen­ce of NATO troops in eas­tern Eu­ro­pe. Pank­ov said the De­fen­ce Mi­ni­stry was cur­rent­ly “re­thin­king” past de­ci­si­ons on clo­su­re of the ba­ses, but de­cli­ned to go in­to de­tail. Viet­nam’s fo­reign mi­ni­stry did not im­me­di­a­te­ly res­pond to a re­quest for com­ment and Cu­ban of­fi­ci­als we­re not avai­la­ble. The Uni­ted Sta­tes is in the pro­cess of re­vi­ving its re­la­ti­ons with Cu­ba, which in So­viet ti­mes had of­fe­red Mo­scow its clo­sest mi­li­ta­ry in­stal­la­ti­on to U.S. ter­ri­to­ry, less than 100 mi­les (60 mi­les) from the Flo­ri­da Keys.

“The glo­bal si­tu­a­ti­on is not sta­tic, it is in flux, and the last two ye­ars ha­ve ma­de sig­ni­fi­cant chan­ges to in­ter­na­ti­o­nal af­fairs and se­cu­ri­ty,” Krem­lin spo­kes­man Dmi­try Peskov told a con­fe­ren­ce call with re­por­ters. “The­re­fo­re, it’s qui­te na­tu­ral that all coun­tries as­sess the­se chan­ges in li­ne with their na­ti­o­nal in­te­rests and ta­ke cer­tain steps in the way they con­si­der ap­prop­ri­a­te.”


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