So­za­vo sum­mons Stivo­ki

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The Mi­ni­stry of So­ci­al Af­fairs and Hou­sing (So­za­vo) was shock­ed to hear that the child­ren’s shel­ter of the Foun­da­ti­on for Child­ren (Stivo­ki) has been clo­sed. Of­fi­ci­als from So­za­vo poin­ted out that the board at the foun­da­ti­on ma­de the de­ci­si­on wit­hout no­ti­fying the mi­ni­stry be­fo­re­hand. The mem­bers of the board ha­ve been sum­mo­ned to the mi­ni­stry on Mon­day to ex­plain their ac­ti­ons. “If the mi­nis­ter or the mi­ni­stry are en­ti­re­ly ta­ken by surprise by the news that the­re is so­me­thing very wrong with their in­ter­nal com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on and I will get them up to speed on things,” said Mur­win Du­bois, chair­man of the board at the foun­da­ti­on. The mi­ni­stry which has set child ca­re as a top pri­o­ri­ty took me­a­su­res af­ter it had re­cei­ved word that the shel­ter had been shut down. The Bu­reau for Day Ca­res at the mi­ni­stry has re­por­ted­ly pla­ced all of the foun­da­ti­on’s child­ren ei­ther at Ta­ma­ra’s Child­ren’s Ho­me or with their re­la­ti­ves.

The mi­ni­stry wants the mem­bers of the board to ex­plain their ac­ti­ons and it al­so wants to know what hap­pe­ned to the sta­te funds that had been gi­ven to the foun­da­ti­on. Du­bois poin­ted out that the mi­ni­stry must not play po­li­tics with this ca­se. The chair­man of the board poin­ted out that the union re­pre­sen­ting the wor­kers at the foun­da­ti­on clai­med that it had tried to con­tact the board. “But we ne­ver no­ti­ced any­thing.” Du­bois ad­ded that he does not want to ma­ke fur­ther com­ment on the is­sue. “We are wai­ting for the talk with the mi­ni­stry.”

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