Three men char­ged over dead­ly shoot-out

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USA - Three men ha­ve been ar­re­sted in con­nec­ti­on with the shooting de­ath of Olym­pi­an Ty­son Gay’s 15-ye­a­rold daugh­ter Trini­ty in Ken­tuc­ky. Lex­ing­ton po­li­ce ha­ve char­ged Dvon­ta Middle­brooks, 21, with wan­ton en­dan­ger­ment and pos­ses­si­on of a fire­arm by a con­vic­ted fe­lon, ac­cor­ding to WKYT. Cha­zerae Tay­lor, 38, and D’mar­keo Tay­lor, 19, who are fa­ther and son, ha­ve al­so been char­ged with wan­ton en­dan­ger­ment. The men we­re all ta­ken in­to cus­to­dy Sun­day eve­ning. Middle­brooks was in the par­king lot of Cook Out res­tau­rant just be­fo­re 4am and shot mul­ti­ple ti­mes, ac­cor­ding to po­li­ce. A blue Ford car was al­so re­co­ver­ed. Wit­nes­ses said they saw a ve­hi­cle of that de­scrip­ti­on lea­ving the sce­ne of the shooting. Ano­ther man has been ques­ti­o­ned by po­li­ce but has not been char­ged. Trini­ty Gay, who was a ri­sing track star, was shot in the neck at Cook Out res­tau­rant in Lex­ing­ton ear­ly Sun­day mor­ning. She died at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Ken­tuc­ky Me­di­cal Cen­ter, the co­ro­ner’s of­fi­ce for Fay­et­te Coun­ty said in a sta­te­ment. Ty­son flew from his ho­me just out­si­de Or­lan­do, Flo­ri­da, to Lex­ing­ton Sun­day. He told LEX 18: ‘She didn’t ma­ke it. I’m so con­fu­sed. She was just he­re last week for fall break. It’s so cra­zy. I ha­ve no idea what hap­pe­ned.’ Of­fi­cers went to the par­king lot of the res­tau­rant near the Uni­ver­si­ty of Ken­tuc­ky cam­pus at about 4am af­ter wit­nes­ses re­por­ted gun­fire was ex­chan­ged bet­ween two ve­hi­cles, Lex­ing­ton po­li­ce said in a sta­te­ment. The ve­hi­cles ha­ve been de­scri­bed as a gray Dod­ge Char­ger and a dark-co­lo­red sports car with tin­ted win­dows. Po­li­ce spo­kes­wo­man Bren­na An­gel said po­li­ce don’t be­lie­ve Trini­ty, who died short­ly be­fo­re 5am, was in ei­ther of the cars in­vol­ved. Of­fi­cers lo­ca­ted one of the ve­hi­cles and stop­ped two pe­o­p­le for ques­ti­o­ning, the sta­te­ment ad­ded. Po­li­ce we­re still searching for the se­cond ve­hi­cle and are con­ti­nuing to in­ves­ti­ga­te. Sop­ho­mo­re Trini­ty had fol­lo­wed in her sprin­ter fa­ther’s foot­steps and was ma­king a na­me for herself as a La­fay­et­te High School athle­te. She was a sprin­ter and fi­nis­hed fourth in the 100 me­ters and fifth in the 200 me­ters at the sta­te Class 3A high school track meet in May, re­cords show. She al­so ran on a 4x200 re­lay team that fi­nis­hed fourth. Her fa­ther al­so ran at La­fay­et­te and still holds the sta­te re­cord in the 100 set in 2001.


Ty­son Gay and his 15-year-old daugh­ter, Trini­ty. (Pho­to: Ken­tuc­ky)

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