New poll shows Clin­ton’s dou­ble-di­git lead over Trump be­fo­re fi­nal de­ba­te

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USA - U.S. De­mo­cra­tic pre­si­den­ti­al no­mi­nee Hil­la­ry Clin­ton cur­rent­ly ta­kes a 12-point na­ti­o­nal lead over her Re­pu­bli­can ri­val Do­nald Trump among li­ke­ly vo­ters, ac­cor­ding to a new poll re­lea­sed Mon­day, two days be­fo­re the fi­nal pre­si­den­ti­al TV de­ba­te. The for­mer sta­te of se­cre­ta­ry has 50 per­cent sup­port whi­le Trump holds 38 per­cent, the Mon­mouth Uni­ver­si­ty sur­vey shows. Clin­ton led by on­ly 4 points in the sa­me poll last month, ed­ging Trump 46 per­cent to 42 per­cent. Clin­ton’s lead among li­ke­ly vo­ters is lar­ger be­cau­se Mon­mouth de­ter­mi­ned that on­ly 5 per­cent of her sup­por­ters are un­li­ke­ly to vo­te, com­pa­red to 10 per­cent of Trump’s sup­por­ters, said a TheHill news dai­ly re­port. In the sa­me poll is­sued last month, 10 per­cent of Clin­ton’s re­gis­tered sup­por­ters dee­med un­li­ke­ly to vo­te, against 7 per­cent for Trump. “Clin­ton has in­crea­sed her lead among all re­gis­tered vo­ters, but the main dif­fe­ren­ce bet­ween this month and last month is that her sup­por­ters ha­ve be­co­me mo­re en­thu­si­as­tic, and thus mo­re li­ke­ly to turn out whi­le Trump bac­kers ha­ve be­co­me less li­ke­ly to vo­te,” said Mon­mouth poll­ster Pa­trick Mur­ray. Howe­ver, both can­di­da­tes remain deep un­der­wa­ter on fa­vo­ra­bi­li­ty, Trump con­ti­nues to sink in po­pu­la­ri­ty, whi­le Clin­ton ap­pe­ars to ha­ve le­ve­led off. On­ly 38 per­cent of vo­ters view Clin­ton fa­vo­ra­bly, com­pa­red to 52 per­cent who ha­ve a ne­ga­ti­ve view of her. That’s a slight im­pro­ve­ment over last month, when Clin­ton posted a 36-54 split. Trump is down to 26 per­cent po­si­ti­ve and 61 per­cent ne­ga­ti­ve, a drop from his 32-57 ra­ting last month. Six­ty per­cent of vo­ters say Clin­ton has the right tem­pe­ra­ment to be pre­si­dent, com­pa­red to on­ly 31 per­cent who say the sa­me about Trump.

Clin­ton al­so leads on the ques­ti­on of which can­di­da­te is con­si­de­red the “les­ser of two evils,” with 47 per­cent saying they’ll vo­te to ma­ke su­re Trump does not get elec­ted, and on­ly 40 per­cent saying the sa­me about Clin­ton. The poll found Trump has been bad­ly da­ma­ged by the au­dio re­lea­se of his ob­sce­ne re­marks from 2005 and the moun­ting al­le­ga­ti­ons from wo­men who say he sexu­al­ly ha­ras­sed them, with 62 per­cent of vo­ters said they be­lie­ve the al­le­ga­ti­ons against Trump are cre­di­ble. In com­pa­ri­son, on­ly 25 per­cent of res­pon­dents said Clin­ton’s re­marks ma­de to Wall Street banks in paid spee­ches ma­ke them less li­ke­ly to sup­port her. Al­most half, 45 per­cent, said the re­marks had no im­pact on how they view her, and 28 per­cent said they we­re una­wa­re of the Wi­kiLeaks dump. The Mon­mouth Uni­ver­si­ty sur­vey of 805 re­gis­tered vo­ters na­ti­on­wi­de was con­duc­ted bet­ween Oct. 14 and Oct. 16 and has a mar­gin of er­ror of 3.5 per­cen­ta­ge points.


A girl po­ses for pho­tos with Hil­la­ry Clin­ton and Do­nald Trump pos­ters at Hofs­tra Uni­ver­si­ty in New York. (Pho­to: Xin­hua)

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