UN’s spe­ci­al en­voy warns Alep­po will not be the­re any­mo­re

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SYRIA - The Uni­ted Na­ti­ons Spe­ci­al En­voy for Syria has war­ned that “bet­ween now and De­cem­ber, if we can­not find a so­lu­ti­on, Alep­po will not be the­re any­mo­re.” Staf­fan de Mis­tu­ra was spea­king af­ter a mee­ting with EU fo­reign mi­nis­ters in Luxem­bourg on Mon­day whe­re he said he “in­sisted on the fact that the is­sue of Alep­po is vi­tal and cru­ci­al.” “Any ty­pe of dis­cus­si­on that ig­no­res Alep­po would be so­me­thing that his­to­ry will ju­d­ge us for,” he ad­ded. “Mo­sul should not be con­fu­sing the pri­o­ri­ty of Alep­po, in other words, if the world is wat­ching Mo­sul, Alep­po should not be for­got­ten.” He de­scri­bed the wartorn ci­ty as “ico­nic” and “a spe­ci­al sym­bol” and the in­ter­na­ti­o­nal com­mu­ni­ty should avoid let­ting it be­co­me li­ke Da­rayya or Moa­da­miyah, re­fer­ring to are­as whe­re the govern­ment sie­ge -- con­si­de­red a star­va­ti­on tac­tic by op­po­si­ti­on ac­ti­vists -- led to the ef­fec­ti­ve sur­ren­der of re­bels the­re. De Mis­tu­ra’s gra­ve warning ca­me as the skies abo­ve Alep­po fell qui­et yes­ter­day ahead of a plan­ned, uni­la­te­ral cea­se­fire, which saw Rus­si­an jets groun­ded to set the sta­ge for a “hu­ma­ni­ta­ri­an pau­se” la­ter this week. “The air­stri­kes of Rus­sia’s Aero­s­pa­ce For­ces and Syria’s Air For­ce stop­ped in the Alep­po area.,” a sta­te­ment posted on the Rus­si­an Mi­ni­stry of De­fen­se’s Fa­ce­book pa­ge said. “The long-term sus­pen­si­on of air­stri­kes is ne­ces­sa­ry to in­tro­du­ce a ‘hu­ma­ni­ta­ri­an pau­se’ on Oc­to­ber 20.” Re­si­dents of the bat­te­red Sy­ri­an ci­ty told CNN they had heard no bom­bing yes­ter­day. The tem­po­ra­ry pau­se in air­stri­kes will al­low ci­vi­lians to flee the ci­ty via “six cor­ri­dors,” ac­cor­ding to Gen. Ser­g­ei Shoi­gu. He ad­ded that Sy­ri­an for­ces will wit­h­draw and gi­ve re­bels a chan­ce to lea­ve the be­lea­gu­e­red ci­ty via a fur­ther two cor­ri­dors.

We’re calling on the lea­der­ship of the coun­tries who ha­ve in­flu­en­ce on the ar­med groups in the eas­tern part of Alep­po with a pro­po­sal to con­vin­ce their lea­ders to stop mi­li­ta­ry ac­ti­ons and lea­ve the ci­ty,” the sta­te­ment ad­ded. “An­y­o­ne who is re­al­ly in­te­rested in the ear­ly sta­bi­li­za­ti­on of the si­tu­a­ti­on in the ci­ty of Alep­po need(s) to em­bark on re­al po­li­ti­cal steps and not con­ti­nue shuf­fling po­li­ti­cal pa­pers.” Krem­lin spo­kes­man Dmi­try Peskov told re­por­ters that the plan­ned tru­ce is a “ma­ni­fe­sta­ti­on” of the Rus­si­an mi­li­ta­ry’s “good­will.” “This is an ob­vious con­ti­nu­a­ti­on of Rus­si­an ef­forts, on the one hand, to fight ter­ro­rists in Syria, and on the other, to un­block the si­tu­a­ti­on in Alep­po,” he said. “It is ex­clu­si­ve­ly a ma­ni­fe­sta­ti­on of good­will by the Rus­si­an mi­li­ta­ry.” The UN says that Thurs­day’s eight-hour pau­se is not long en­ough to ef­fect any aid ope­ra­ti­ons.


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