Man stabs re­pu­ted wi­fe to de­ath

Times of Suriname - - ENGELS -

Po­li­ce in B’ Di­vi­si­on are cur­rent­ly on the hunt for a 40-year-old ca­ne har­vester of Skel­d­on Es­ta­te, iden­ti­fied as Wins­ton Ben­ja­min cal­l­ed ‘Blood’, af­ter he al­le­gedly stab­bed his for­mer fi­an­cée to de­ath Mon­day , ano­ther­mur­der, at a shop in Ul­ver­s­ton Vil­la­ge, Co­ren­ty­ne, Ber­bi­ce. Dead is 38-year-old Yan­sen Brush, a mo­ther of four and a canteen ope­ra­tor of 20 Ul­ver­s­ton Vil­la­ge. The wo­man re­por­ted­ly wor­ked at the Al­ness Pri­ma­ry School. When Kai­e­teur News vi­si­ted the sce­ne and spo­ke to Be­ver­ly Gr­een, the prop­rie­t­or of the shop whe­re Brush met her de­mi­se, the wo­man con­fir­med that the in­ci­dent hap­pe­ned on her pre­mi­ses. “Yan­sen ca­me in­to the shop and less than a mi­nu­te Ben­ja­min walk in and I see Yan­sen mo­ve asi­de. So me ask wha hap­pen to y’all two and Yan­sen re­ply and said “Girl meh fed up quar­rel and sin meh soul…God and the law gon deal with he.’” This ap­pa­rent­ly in­cen­sed Ben­ja­min who whip­ped out a knife and plun­ged it se­ve­r­al ti­mes in­to Yan­sen. Gr­een said that she grab­bed on to the man through an ope­ning in the shop coun­ter in a bid to keep him from es­ca­ping, whi­le a bleeding Yan­sen stag­ge­red to the si­de of the shop. Ben­ja­min ma­na­ged to wrig­gle free from Gr­een’s grasp with the we­apon still in his pos­ses­si­on and flee the sce­ne.

Me­an­w­hi­le, the sis­ter of the now dead wo­man, Roxan­ne Brush, who li­ved with her si­bling, dis­clo­sed that her si­bling left to go to the ne­ar­by shop. “I was go­ing up­stairs when I heard screa­ming and I start to run be­cau­se I re­cog­ni­zed my sis­ter’s voi­ce. When I run in the shop I saw the shop la­dy hol­ding on to Wins­ton and I saw my sis­ter at the si­de stan­ding and bleeding and I hold on to her and she told me she na gon mek it, and she col­lap­sed.” Re­si­dents in the area told Kai­e­teur News that Brush and Ben­ja­min, who we­re not li­ving to­gether, sha­red a tur­bu­lent re­la­ti­ons­hip. It was re­ve­a­led that three weeks pri­or to the stab­bing, Ben­ja­min had th­re­a­ten­ed Brush with a cut­lass af­ter she re­fu­sed to gi­ve him $2000. She even­tu­al­ly ga­ve in­to his de­mands and he left. Ac­cor­ding to po­li­ce sour­ces, the at­tac­ker fled in­to the Ul­ver­s­ton Back­dam.


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