SLM al­so bans self ba­lan­cing scoo­ters

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In or­der to pre­vent ex­plo­si­ons of self ba­lan­cing equip­ment that ‘feed’ on li­thi­um bat­te­ries, Su­ri­na­me’s na­ti­o­nal car­ri­er, Su­ri­nam Air­ways (SLM) on Thurs­day is­sued a ban on them. This means that pas­sen­gers are not al­lo­wed to ta­ke them on­board of SLM pla­nes. The SLM has al­so star­ted dis­tri­bu­ting sa­fe­ty alert fol­ders to in­form pe­o­p­le of the ban. The fol­ders clear­ly sta­te that ho­ver­boards, self ba­lan­cing steps (scoo­ters), gra­vi­ty boards and e-ska­tes are not al­lo­wed on flights of the SLM be­cau­se they con­tain li­thi­um bat­te­ries. The com­pa­ny al­so poin­ted out that li­thi­um bat­te­ries could over­heat and catch fi­re in ca­se of a ma­nu­fac­tu­ring fault, da­ma­ge or when pe­o­p­le do not use or sto­re them pro­per­ly. Such a fi­re can’t be ex­tin­guis­hed ea­si­ly but could on­ly be put out with a ca­te­go­ry D fi­re ex­tin­guis­her or with a fi­re ex­tin­guis­her of ano­ther ty­pe or ca­te­go­ry. Li­thi­um bat­te­ries ha­ve been ca­te­go­ri­zed as dan­ge­rous items and should the­re­fo­re be tre­a­ted as such. The SLM re­cent­ly is­sued a ban on Ga­laxy No­te 7 smartpho­nes. The ban was is­sued in res­pon­se to fo­reign re­ports about a se­ries of in­ci­dents con­cerning this ty­pe of smartpho­ne. An­dy Vlie­se, ma­na­ger at the Pu­blic Re­la­ti­ons (PR) Of­fi­ce of the SLM, poin­ted out that the Fe­deral Avi­a­ti­on Ad­mi­ni­stra­ti­on and fo­reign air­li­ners such as KLM, Ali­ta­lia, Air Ca­na­da and Singapo­re Air­li­nes ha­ve al­rea­dy ta­ken the me­a­su­re as a sa­fe­ty pre­cau­ti­on.

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