Bri­tish par­li­a­ment must ha­ve vo­te on fi­nal Brexit deal

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UK - Bri­tain’s par­li­a­ment must ha­ve a vo­te on an even­tu­al agree­ment bet­ween the Uni­ted King­dom and the Eu­ro­pean Union on lea­ving the bloc, said a se­ni­or law­ma­ker who is chair­man of par­li­a­ment’s Brexit com­mit­tee.

Pri­me Mi­nis­ter The­re­sa May has said she will in­vo­ke Ar­ti­cle 50 by the end of March next year, star­ting a two-year di­vor­ce pro­ce­du­re. She has said par­li­a­ment will de­ba­te the govern­ment’s plans but has ru­led out a vo­te on trig­ge­ring the di­vor­ce. Hi­la­ry Benn, an op­po­si­ti­on La­bour Par­ty law­ma­ker who will chair a new­ly for­med com­mit­tee set up to scru­ti­ni­ze govern­ment po­li­cy on lea­ving the EU, said yes­ter­day that it was “in­con­cei­va­ble” that law­ma­kers would not ha­ve a vo­te on the UK’s fi­nal EU exit deal. “I’m very clear that Par­li­a­ment will want to ha­ve a say both in scru­ti­ni­zing what the ne­go­ti­a­ting plan is when it is pu­blis­hed, but al­so Par­li­a­ment will want to ta­ke a de­ci­si­on on the fi­nal deal,” Benn told BBC ra­dio. “It is in­con­cei­va­ble that Par­li­a­ment shouldn’t use its sove­reign­ty... to de­ter­mi­ne what it thinks of the deal, this com­plex ne­go­ti­a­ti­on, when it is fi­nal­ly com­ple­ted.”

Cam­paig­ners ha­ve ta­ken legal ac­ti­on to ar­gue May and her mi­nis­ters do not ha­ve the au­tho­ri­ty to in­vo­ke Ar­ti­cle 50 of the EU Lis­bon Tre­a­ty, the me­cha­nism by which a na­ti­on can le­a­ve the bloc, wit­hout the ex­pli­cit bac­king of par­li­a­ment. Bri­tain’s par­li­a­ment will “very li­ke­ly” ha­ve to ra­ti­fy an even­tu­al agree­ment with the Eu­ro­pean Union on lea­ving the bloc, a Bri­tish govern­ment la­wy­er said on Tues­day.


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