LAPD re­con­si­de­ring Te­sla Mo­del S patrol cars

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USA - The Te­sla Mo­del S might join the Los An­ge­les Po­li­ce De­part­ment (LAPD) fleet af­ter all.

Ear­lier this year, LAPD cho­se to add 100 BMW i3s to its fleet with Po­li­ce Ad­mi­ni­stra­tor Var­tan Ye­giy­an saying that the Te­sla Mo­del S wasn’t prac­ti­cal en­ough, sug­ge­s­ting that it was too ex­pen­si­ve to be used as a fleet car. The BMW i3 are being used for non-emer­g­en­cy du­ty and now, LAPD is plan­ning to test a Mo­del S as a patrol car, out­fit­ting it with all the ne­ces­sa­ry equip­ment in­clu­ding ra­di­os, a com­pu­ter, cus­to­dy ca­ge, loc­king shot­gun rack and mo­re.

In a re­cent in­ter­view with NBC Los An­ge­les, Ye­giy­an said the de­ploy­ment of the BMW i3 fleet has go­ne well and the cars are being used as un­mar­ked ve­hi­cles for ad­mi­ni­stra­ti­ve tra­vel, but are al­so dri­ven by sworn of­fi­cers to cri­me sce­nes or du­ring in­ves­ti­ga­ti­ons. The ad­di­ti­on of elec­tric cars to the fleet will help re­du­ce the to­tal cost of fleet ope­ra­ti­ons by 15 per­cent com­pa­red to tra­di­ti­o­nal ve­hi­cles they re­pla­ced.

But patrol cars ha­ve dif­fe­rent re­qui­re­ments, for example needing fas­ter ac­ce­le­ra­ti­on and lon­ger ran­ge than what the BMW i3 cur­rent­ly of­fers, which is why the Te­sla Mo­del S is get­ting a se­cond look by the LAPD. The Ame­ri­can au­to­ma­ker will ha­ve an ac­ti­ve role in out­fit­ting the patrol car with the equip­ment nee­ded and will be put to the test in the field by an on-du­ty patrol ser­ge­ant, who will be dri­ving it to emer­gen­cies and pos­si­bly even ta­king part in pur­s­uits.

Still, the big­gest hurd­le the Mo­del S will ha­ve to over­co­me is its cost, which is far mo­re than the BMW i3. The cost of elec­tric ve­hi­cles are ex­pec­ted to drop as bat­tery tech­no­lo­gy im­pro­ves, howe­ver, and Ye­giy­an wants the LAPD to be rea­dy when it gets to an af­for­da­ble pri­ce ran­ge, so don’t be sur­pri­sed if the Te­sla Mo­del 3 be­co­mes the next can­di­da­te to wear black and whi­te. (hy­brid­cars)

The Te­sla Mo­del S is get­ting a se­cond look by the LAPD. (Pho­to: elec­tric)

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