Co­a­li­ti­on says no­thing wrong with govern­ment bonds

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The mem­bers of the co­a­li­ti­on on Fri­day ma­de it clear that they do not agree with the op­po­si­ti­on that claims that Par­li­a­ment is not kee­ping an eye on the govern­ment. The op­po­si­ti­on on Thurs­day cri­ti­ci­zed the govern­ment for its de­ci­si­on to is­sue US dol­lar-de­no­mi­na­ted govern­ment bonds. The govern­ment re­cent­ly hau­led in $550 mil­li­on through the govern­ment bonds. MP And­re Mi­sie­ka­ba (NDP) poin­ted out that Par­li­a­ment has in fact ‘beefed up its ‘sur­veil­lan­ce’ and that he is puzz­led by the fact that the op­po­si­ti­on is ma­king such a fuss. He is al­so puzz­led by the fact that the op­po­si­ti­on has con­clu­ded that Par­li­a­ment has gi­ven the govern­ment a ’per­mit’ to con­tract loans wit­hout per­mis­si­on. MP Mi­sie­ka­ba ex­plai­ned that the Na­ti­o­nal Debt Act is in pla­ce and that it is a tool that Par­li­a­ment pro­du­ced to keep the govern­ment in check. He ex­plai­ned that the­re is no­thing wrong with the govern­ment bond lo­an. The govern­ment stuck to the gui­de­li­nes of the law and did not ex­ceed the lo­an li­mit. “Our job is to check if the govern­ment wor­ked in ac­cor­dan­ce with the law,” said the lea­der of the NDP fac­ti­on in Par­li­a­ment. The com­mit­tee on Na­ti­o­nal Debt and the fixed com­mit­tee on Fi­nan­ces ha­ve re­por­ted­ly been mo­bi­li­zed to stu­dy this mat­ter tho­rough­ly. MP Mi­sie­ka­ba al­so ex­plai­ned that for the first ti­me ever a com­mit­tee ses­si­on was not held be­hind clo­sed doors last week. “Com­mit­tee ses­si­ons usu­al­ly ta­ke pla­ce be­hind clo­sed doors. Now we are ta­king a step fur­ther by gi­ving ac­cess to the pe­o­p­le.”

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