14-year-old sus­pect is be­ha­ving li­ke a hard­co­re cri­mi­nal–po­li­ce sour­ce

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“This litt­le boy is be­ha­ving li­ke a hard­co­re cri­mi­nal.” This is how de­tec­ti­ves, pro­bing the mur­der of Bi­bi Nesha Shairoon, who­se bound bo­dy was found in her Ma­hai­co­ny ho­me last Mon­day, de­scri­bed the 14-year-old sus­pect. The teen­a­ger was im­pli­ca­ted in the wo­man’s mur­der by his ac­com­pli­ce on Thurs­day.

The 25-year-old man con­fes­sed to be­a­ting their vic­tim in the head with a fly­ing pan when they poun­ced on her two Sa­tur­days ago. When the 14-year-old was ar­re­sted last Mon­day, he told de­tec­ti­ves that he was han­ging out with the 25-year-old du­ring the ti­me the wo­man was mur­de­red. The cops even­tu­al­ly track­ed down the 25-year-old, just to con­firm the teen’s sto­ry but it was then the young man bro­ke down du­ring in­ter­ro­ga­ti­on and con­fes­sed to the cri­me.

Howe­ver, po­li­ce sour­ces said that the teen­a­ger is toug­her than he see­ms sin­ce he con­ti­nues to de­ny the al­le­ga­ti­on. As a re­sult of his de­ni­al, ranks we­re for­ced to seek ad­di­ti­o­nal ti­me to in­ter­ro­ga­te him. Kai­e­teur News was told that the at­tack on the wo­man was plan­ned by the teen, who at one ti­me, wor­ked with her. “The 25-year-old is from Ber­bi­ce but he got a job with a man from Ma­hai­co­ny and he was staying in a litt­le shack the man built for him. He said that bet­ween 11:00 and 12:00 noon on Sa­tur­day, he was ho­me when the lil boy co­me call he”, the sour­ce said. He fur­ther ex­plai­ned that the teen­a­ger al­le­gedly told him that he had a work for them to go on.

Kai­e­teur News was fur­ther told that when the two sus­pects ar­ri­ved at the lo­ca­ti­on, the teen­a­ger ma­na­ged to slip in­to the wo­man’s ho­me from the ope­ning at the si­de of the hou­se and ope­ned the back door for his ac­com­pli­ce. The two tip-toed in the wo­man’s ho­me and rus­hed in on her whi­le she was sit­ting on a chair in her room. Af­ter col­lec­ting the mo­ney, they pro­cee­ded to tie the wo­man so that they could ha­ve searched for mo­re va­lu­a­bles.

Kai­e­teur News was told that on­ce the two young men we­re sa­tis­fied with their loot, they left the sce­ne and the ol­der sus­pect tra­vel­led to Ber­bi­ce with his sha­re.

”He smo­kes and he had so­me drug debt in Ber­bi­ce so he went the­re and pay the pe­o­p­le he owed,” the sour­ce re­ve­a­led. The teen­a­ger was ar­re­sted last Mon­day, a few hours af­ter the wo­man’s bound bo­dy was dis­co­ver­ed in her be­droom whi­le his friend was ta­ken in­to po­li­ce cus­to­dy the fol­lo­wing day. Re­la­ti­ves in­for­med the cops of their sus­pi­ci­ons of the 14-year-old, sin­ce the­re was a con­fron­ta­ti­on bet­ween the vic­tim and the teen a few months ago af­ter she sus­pec­ted him of ste­a­ling pho­ne cards from her ho­me. In­ves­ti­ga­ti­ons are on­go­ing. (Kai­e­teur news)

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