La­wy­ers to cam­paign against wret­ched cir­cum­stan­ces

Times of Suriname - - ENGELS -

At­tor­ney Ly­gia Palm­burg on Mon­day an­noun­ced that de­fen­se at­tor­neys will al­so go on stri­ke. De­fen­se At­tor­ney Ir­vin Kan­hai on be­half of his col­lea­gue Palm­burg in­for­med the ju­d­ge of the im­pen­ding stri­ke.Palm­burg told Ti­mes of Su­ri­na­me that she and her col­lea­gues all agree that trails can’t be held at the cour­t­hou­se lo­ca­ted along the Fre­de­rik Der­by­s­traat be­cau­se of the wret­ched cir­cum­stan­ces in the courtroom. De­fen­se At­tor­ney Ire­ne Lal­ji poin­ted out that the at­tor­neys will not hand­le ad­di­ti­o­nal ca­ses and non-paying ca­ses. This means that sus­pects will not get legal re­pre­sen­ta­ti­on from sta­te at­tor­neys. Palm­burg ma­de it clear that “the Bar will let it voi­ce be heard this week.” She ad­ded that she must first con­sult Ha­rish Mono­rath, pre­si­dent of the Bar, be­fo­re ma­king any other an­noun­ce­ments. The Bar has ex­pres­sed its so­li­da­ri­ty with the clerks of the court who are cur­rent­ly on stri­ke. Lal­ji poin­ted out that it is un­ac­cep­ta­ble to work in the bad cir­cum­stan­ces. “The­re is a strong stench in the courtroom. The air­con­di­ti­o­ning units do not work and the­re are no pro­per lights in the buil­ding. The­re is no fire exit in ca­se a fire breaks out. I am wor­ried about the 80 de­tai­nees who we­re lock­ed up in the jails of the cour­t­hou­se be­cau­se it was very hot the­re,” said Lal­ji who ad­ded that it is ti­me to mo­ve to the new cour­t­hou­se. “The si­tu­a­ti­on is se­rious. I ho­pe that the govern­ment will re­a­li­ze that things are get­ting se­rious.” Lal­ji poin­ted out that she ho­pes that the de­lay of tri­als does not re­sult in a pro­test by the de­tai­nees. De­fen­se At­tor­ney Ha­rold Belfor poin­ted out that the cour­t­hou­se dishear­tens pe­o­p­le. “The vi­bes in the buil­ding are de­pres­sing. So­me­ti­mes one does not want to wear the ro­be be­cau­se it is ei­ther too warm or too cold. The buil­ding stinks. I do not un­der­stand why it is ta­king so long to mo­ve to the new buil­ding,” said Belfor.

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