In­do­ne­si­an wo­man gets 20 ye­ars for poi­so­ned-cof­fee mur­der

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IN­DO­NE­SIA - An In­do­ne­si­an court jai­led a wo­man for 20 ye­ars yes­ter­day for mur­de­ring her col­le­ge friend by poi­so­ning her cof­fee, en­ding a dra­ma­tic ca­se that grip­ped the coun­try for months.

Jes­si­ca Ku­ma­la Wongso, 27, an In­do­ne­si­an ci­ti­zen and per­ma­nent re­si­dent of Au­stra­lia, remai­ned ex­pres­si­on­less whi­le hea­ring the ver­dict and sen­ten­ce. “The de­fen­dant has been pro­ven guil­ty of pre­me­di­ta­ted mur­der,” pre­si­ding ju­d­ge Kis­woro said to ap­plau­se from a pack­ed courtroom wit­hout sug­ge­s­ting a mo­ti­ve. “...The mur­der was vi­le and sa­dis­tic be­cau­se the de­fen­dant did it to her own friend.” Wongso told the three-ju­d­ge pa­nel she thought the ver­dict was “un­fair and one-si­ded”. De­fen­se la­wy­ers said she would ap­peal. The two wo­men had been mee­ting at a ca­fe in a cen­tral Jak­ar­ta mall when vic­tim Wayan Mir­na Sa­li­hin took a sip of a cy­a­ni­de-la­ced drink, col­lap­sed on the floor and went in­to con­vul­si­ons, ac­cor­ding to pro­se­cu­tors. She died by the ti­me she ar­ri­ved at hos­pi­tal. Do­zens of po­li­ce we­re po­si­ti­o­ned around the Cen­tral Jak­ar­ta courtroom as crowds scram­b­led to get in to hear the ver­dict. The tri­al had heard tes­ti­mo­ny from a string of fo­ren­sic and psy­cho­lo­gi­cal ex­perts and the ca­se has ge­ne­ra­ted head­lines sin­ce Wongso was ar­re­sted ear­lier this year. Pre­si­dent Jo­ko Wi­do­do’s ad­mi­ni­stra­ti­on wa­ded in­to the ca­se, saying Wongso would not be exe­cu­ted if she got the de­ath pe­nal­ty, ac­cor­ding to me­dia. The deal was ma­de with Au­stra­lia in or­der for Au­stra­li­an po­li­ce to as­sist in the in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on. Au­stra­lia does not ha­ve the de­ath sen­ten­ce and op­po­ses its use in other coun­tries.


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