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Af­ter fai­ling to at­tend a Tues­day court hea­ring, two Kai­e­teur News se­cu­ri­ty staff punc­tu­al­ly at­ten­ded court Wed­nes­day to tes­ti­fy in the Pre­li­mi­na­ry In­quiry (PI) in­to the Ju­ne 4, gre­na­de at­tack on the news­pa­per.

The PI con­ti­nued be­fo­re Chief Ma­gi­stra­te Ann McLen­nan in the Ge­or­ge­to­wn Ma­gi­stra­tes’ Courts. Janeil Ho­ward, 20, of 322 Sec­ti­on ‘C’ Tur­key­en, East Coast De­me­ra­ra; Al­fie Gar­ra­way, 36, of Nor­ton Street, Lod­ge, Ge­or­ge­to­wn; and Le­roy Wil­li­ams, 25, of 11 Dur­ban Bac­k­lands, are ac­cu­sed of con­spi­ring to­gether with other per­sons to cau­se an ex­plo­si­on by way of gre­na­de, li­ke­ly to en­dan­ger li­ves and cau­se da­ma­ge to pro­per­ty. Gar­ra­way is cur­rent­ly out on $300,000 High Court bail. The other ac­cu­sed remain on re­mand. Ho­ward is un­re­pre­sen­ted by an at­tor­ney. Al­fie Gar­ra­way is being re­pre­sen­ted by At­tor­neys Stan­ley Moo­re and Glenn Ha­no­man, whi­le At­tor­ney Neil Bol­lers is de­fen­ding Wil­li­ams. Po­li­ce Pro­se­cu­tor, Ne­vil­le Jef­fers, cal­l­ed Omar By­noe and James Bap­tis­te, two Kai­e­teur News em­ploy­ees, to tes­ti­fy. Neil Bol­lers, a de­fen­se at­tor­neys cross-exa­mi­ned Bap­tis­te. Pro­se­cu­tor Jef­fers de­cli­ned to re-exa­mi­ne. The pro­se­cu­ti­on is set to call six mo­re wit­nes­ses; two po­li­ce of­fi­cers and four ci­vi­lians.

The Chief Ma­gi­stra­te ad­jour­ned the PI till to­day. Ac­cor­ding to re­ports, on the day in ques­ti­on, a se­cu­ri­ty staf­fer heard an unu­su­al sound co­ming from near Lall’s ve­hi­cle PRR 8398, which was par­ked on the wes­tern si­de of Saf­fon Street. On chec­king the front of the ve­hi­cle, the staf­fer spot­ted a gre­na­de ly­ing near one of the front ty­res. Vi­deo foot­a­ge from the com­pa­ny’s CCTV ca­me­ras showed a grey-co­lou­red ve­hi­cle, slo­wing as it ap­pro­a­ched Lall’s ve­hi­cle. The dri­ver ac­ce­le­ra­ted af­ter the ex­plo­si­ve de­vi­ce was thrown. (Kai­e­teur­

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