Dolp­hins bring re­lief to The Ba­ha­mas and Hai­ti

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USA - The two things that gal­vani­ze pe­o­p­le are tra­ge­dy and sports. It’s a uni­que set­ting when you can use one to uni­fy fol­lo­wing the other. The Mi­a­mi Dolp­hins ha­ve do­ne just that, uti­li­zing their plat­form in sports and as com­mu­ni­ty ste­wards to as­sist tho­se de­vasta­ted in the af­ter­math of Hur­ri­ca­ne Mat­thew. The ef­forts we­re to bring ho­pe, to bring uni­ty. But what they found in re­cent vi­sits to The Ba­ha­mas and Hai­ti are re­si­lient pe­o­p­le ea­ger to re­build. “The Hai­tians ha­ve wel­co­med us with open arms. They we­re hap­py to see us,” Dolp­hins de­fen­si­ve end Ter­ren­ce Fe­de said of his tra­vels to Hai­ti with the Dolp­hins. “Both my pa­rents are from Hai­ti, and gro­wing up it was so­me­thing that was spe­ci­al to me and still is. Co­ming out to Hai­ti to help our pe­o­p­le and un­der­stand what they’ve been go­ing through means a lot.” Fe­de was joi­ned by cheer­lea­der Ami­na, al­so of Hai­ti­an des­cent, along with Dolp­hins Se­ni­or Vi­ce Pre­si­dents Ja­son Jenkins, Nat Moo­re and staff. The group whi­le in Hai­ti vi­si­ted Hai­ti Com­mu­ni­tai­re, which cre­a­ted a Kon­vit bus to ad­dress the im­me­di­a­te needs fol­lo­wing the storm – in­clu­ding de­li­ve­ring sa­fe wa­ter so­lu­ti­ons through a part­ner­ship with Sur­ge for Wa­ter. The Dolp­hins part­ne­red with Sur­ge for Wa­ter to pro­vi­de a mo­bi­le wa­ter pu­ri­fi­ca­ti­on sy­s­tem that will ser­vi­ce 10,000 in­di­vi­du­als, 150,000 wa­ter pu­ri­fi­ca­ti­on ta­blets and hund­reds of fil­ters to help the most im­pac­ted are­as in South­west Hai­ti.

The con­tin­gent al­so vi­si­ted a lo­cal ele­men­ta­ry school to pro­vi­de back­packs, pen­cils and Dolp­hins trin­kets as well as vi­si­ted a lo­cal hos­pi­tal to de­li­ver me­di­cal sup­plies and con­nect with the child­ren in the pe­di­a­tric unit. Throug­hout the vi­sit, the spi­rit of vi­gor for a com­mu­ni­ty of­ten the vic­tim of na­tu­ral disas­ters was con­ta­gious. And the sa­me re­si­li­en­cy was felt the pre­vious day when sa­fe­ty Mi­chael Tho­mas , his wi­fe Glo­ria, Dolp­hins Pre­si­dent & CEO Tom Garfin­kel, alum­nus Dwight Step­hen­son, Jenkins, Moo­re and staff vi­si­ted Freeport in the Grand Ba­ha­mas. The group in The Ba­ha­mas tour­ed are­as stuck by the storm, so­me still strug­gling to res­to­re elec­tri­ci­ty with de­bris-crow­ded streets and dow­ned po­wer li­nes and others in the midst of re­co­ve­ry. Yet the con­sis­tent th­read we­re the smi­les and warm gree­tings in eve­ry area. “Even though it’s the bye­week, on­ce me and my wi­fe heard about the op­por­tu­ni­ty to co­me he­re to The Ba­ha­mas, it was a no-brai­ner for us”, Tho­mas said. “Any­ti­me we can gi­ve back to the com­mu­ni­ty, that’s so­me­thing we’re com­mit­ted to do­ing. The Dolp­hins or­ga­ni­za­ti­on is one that pri­des itself on gi­ving back and we’re hap­py to be a part of that.” The trips fol­lo­wed a Mi­a­mi Dolp­hins Foun­da­ti­on pre­sen­ta­ti­on on Wed­nes­day, Oct. 26 of a USD 20,000 check to The Mi­a­mi Foun­da­ti­on Gi­ve2Cu­ba Fund with pro­ceeds di­rec­ted to­wards tho­se im­pac­ted by the wi­despread de­va­sta­ti­on in Cu­ba. (mi­a­mi­dolp­hins)

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