Af­ghan el­ders kil­led in sui­ci­de at­tack on mee­ting

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AF­GHA­NIS­TAN - A sui­ci­de bom­ber kil­led at least four pe­o­p­le and woun­ded se­ven at a mee­ting of tri­bal el­ders yes­ter­day in the eas­tern pro­vin­ce of Nangar­har, Af­ghan of­fi­ci­als said, bla­ming Isla­mic Sta­te mi­li­tants for the at­tack.

At­taul­lah Kho­gy­a­ni, spo­kes­man for the gover­nor of Nangar­har, the main strong­hold of Isla­mic Sta­te in Af­gha­nis­tan, said the mee­ting of el­ders had been cal­l­ed to sett­le a dis­pu­te when the bom­ber struck. “El­ders from Pa­chi­ra­gam dis­trict had gat­he­red in Ja­la­la­bad ci­ty at a hou­se to re­sol­ve their in­ter­nal dis­pu­tes and ma­ke a front against Daesh but a sui­ci­de bom­ber dis­rup­ted the mee­ting, kil­led and woun­ded se­ve­r­al pe­o­p­le in­clu­ding el­ders,” he said, re­fer­ring to Isla­mic Sta­te. Ac­cor­ding to Ma­lek Ghy­as, an el­der who was woun­ded in the at­tack, the bom­ber first ope­ned fire and then de­to­na­ted his ex­plo­si­ves, cau­sing ma­ny ca­su­al­ties.

The­re was no im­me­di­a­te claim of res­pon­si­bi­li­ty.

Coun­cils of tri­bal el­ders are a fun­da­men­tal means of ma­na­ging af­fairs in ma­ny parts of Af­gha­nis­tan whe­re govern­ment con­trol is weak but they ha­ve been tar­ge­ted by Isla­mic Sta­te as it see­ks to es­ta­blish its own au­tho­ri­ty in eas­tern Af­gha­nis­tan. (Reu­ters)

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