Lar­sa Pip­pen told po­li­ce she fears Scot­tie

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USA - News that all was not well in the mar­ria­ge of NBA su­per­star Scot­tie Pip­pen and his wi­fe, Lar­sa, bro­ke at the be­gin­ning of the month when po­li­ce we­re cal­l­ed to the cou­ple’s $11 mil­li­on Fort Lau­der­da­le ho­me twi­ce for do­mestic in­ci­dents. TMZ Sports ad­ded that the cou­ple are now batt­ling over their re­por­ted $50 mil­li­on for­tu­ne, ci­ting di­vor­ce do­cu­ments. Lar­sa claims that a pre­nup, sig­ned in 1997 with terms that fa­vo­red Scot­tie, was nul­li­fied a year ago in a joint agree­ment by the hus­band and wi­fe. She is de­man­ding spou­sal sup­port, the fa­mi­ly ho­me and school tui­ti­on fees for their four child­ren. Lar­sa al­so wants the kids to stay in Flo­ri­da, whi­le Scot­tie wants to mo­ve them to Chi­ca­go. Lar­sa is al­so see­king to use Scot­tie’s li­fe in­su­ran­ce po­li­cy as col­la­te­ral in ca­se he does not pay her af­ter they split. Her 911 calls oc­cur­red on the heels of char­ges of in­fid­eli­ty on both si­des. Pip­pen, 51, was ru­mo­red to be ro­man­ti­cally in­vol­ved with a Sports Il­lu­stra­ted mo­del, in­si­ders clai­med to Dai­lyMail. com. The al­le­ga­ti­ons about the bas­ket­ball champ’s ex­tra­ma­ri­tal dal­li­an­ce ca­me a week af­ter he fi­led for di­vor­ce from se­cond wi­fe Lar­sa, 42, fol­lo­wing ru­mors that she too was ha­ving a fling with rap­per Fu­tu­re. ‘It’s a re­al nightma­re,’ an in­si­der told Dai­lyMail. com. ‘It’s li­ke World War III and they’re com­ple­te­ly at od­ds. He’s ac­cu­sing her of being cra­zy. ‘Ba­si­cally, it’s re­al­ly ugly right now. He’s do­ing the who­le cus­to­dy thing to try to use la­wy­ers and do wha­te­ver he can to screw with her.’ The in­si­der ad­ded: ‘He’s ac­ting li­ke that to get back at her ba­si­cally, as pay­back for the af­fair [with Fu­tu­re]. The Pip­pens ha­ve been mar­ried for al­most 20 ye­ars and, sin­ce their 1997 wedding, ha­ve go­ne on to ha­ve four child­ren to­gether – Sop­hia, Jus­tin, Pres­ton and Scot­tie Jr. The cou­ple are now set to batt­le it out for cus­to­dy of the quar­tet with Pip­pen as­king for ‘ul­ti­ma­te res­pon­si­bi­li­ty’ for the child­ren in the pa­pers fi­led last week.


Scot­tie and Lar­sa Pip­pen. (Pho­to: la­tin­ti­mes)

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