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USA - The Rus­si­an es­cort ac­cu­sed of ex­tor­ting clo­se to $400,000 from dis­gra­ced po­li­ti­ci­an Eli­ot Spit­zer hid be­hind her hair as she was in­dic­ted on mul­ti­ple counts in a Man­hat­tan courtroom on Tues­day. Svetla­na Tra­vis Zak­ha­ro­va, 26, is fa­cing 20 counts of lar­ce­ny and for­gery for tar­ge­ting Spit­zer and two other vic­tims who ha­ve not yet been na­med. She al­le­gedly ma­na­ged to ex­tort $50,000 from one of tho­se men and used the other man’s in­for­ma­ti­on to rent apart­ments wit­hout his know­led­ge. Bail was con­ti­nued at $1mil­li­on and Zak­ha­ro­va is due back in court ear­ly next month. The ca­se is being hand­led by Bronx Dis­trict At­tor­ney Dar­cel Clark af­ter Man­hat­tan Dis­trict At­tor­ney Cy­rus Van­ce Jr. re­cu­sed himself be­cau­se of the clo­se ties bet­ween his of­fi­ce and Spit­zer, the for­mer gover­nor of New York. Zak­ha­ro­va was al­le­gedly gi­ven checks ma­de out in amounts ran­ging from $3,000 to $50,000 over a two-year pe­ri­od by Spit­zer and then trans­fer­red the mo­ney to Rus­si­an bank ac­counts. She left New York City in Fe­bru­a­ry af­ter an en­coun­ter with Spit­zer in her room at The Pla­za Ho­tel which left her in the hos­pi­tal. Zak­ha­ro­va la­ter told au­tho­ri­ties that she was as­saul­ted by Spit­zer in her sui­te at the luxu­ry ho­tel when she in­for­med him of her plans to re­turn to Mo­scow. Spit­zer ad­mit­ted to his re­la­ti­ons­hip with Zak­ha­ro­va in Ju­ly when he fi­led suit against the Rus­si­an na­ti­o­nal and said he had been paying her mo­ney in ex­han­ge for her si­len­ce. He clai­med in tho­se do­cu­ments that Zak­ha­ro­va had de­mand­ed hund­reds of thou­sands of dol­lars and trips to Pa­ris or she would ‘ruin his li­fe.’ This ca­me eight ye­ars af­ter Spit­zer re­sig­ned as gover­nor in 2008 amid re­ve­la­ti­ons that he had sex with pros­ti­tu­tes. He was la­ter iden­ti­fied as a pros­ti­tu­ti­on ring pa­tron known as ‘Client Num­ber 9’ af­ter a fe­deral in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on, but ne­ver char­ged with any cri­me.


Svetla­na Tra­vis Zak­ha­ro­va is ac­cu­sed of ex­tor­ting clo­se to $400,000 from dis­gra­ced po­li­ti­ci­an Eli­ot Spit­zer.

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Svetla­na Tra­vis Zak­ha­ro­va (L) and Eli­ot Spit­zer (R).

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