Pu­tin de­cla­res 10-hour ‘hu­ma­ni­ta­ri­an pau­se’ for Alep­po

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RUSSIA - Rus­si­an Pre­si­dent Vla­di­mir Pu­tin has uni­la­ter­al­ly de­cla­red a 10-hour “hu­ma­ni­ta­ri­an pau­se” for Alep­po on Fri­day, a se­ni­or Rus­si­an of­fi­ci­al said.

“A de­ci­si­on was ma­de to in­tro­du­ce a hu­ma­ni­ta­ri­an pau­se in Alep­po on No­vem­ber 4 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (3 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET),” chief of Russia’s Ge­ne­ral Staff Va­lery Gera­si­mov said in a sta­te­ment on Wed­nes­day.

The la­test tru­ce co­mes as figh­ting in the be­lea­gu­e­red city grows ever mo­re dead­ly, with re­bel as­saults on re­gime-held parts of Alep­po clai­ming 84 li­ves over the week­end, the Sy­ri­an mi­li­ta­ry said.

The la­test vi­o­len­ce al­so woun­ded 280 pe­o­p­le in wes­tern Alep­po, Sy­ria’s Ge­ne­ral Com­mand of the Ar­med For­ces said.

Sy­ri­an re­bels ha­ve in­ten­si­fied at­tacks on wes­tern Alep­po to try to break the re­gime’s sie­ge of op­po­si­ti­on-held eas­tern Alep­po, which has been cho­ked off from food, fu­el and other ne­ces­si­ties.

Se­ve­r­al pre­vious at­tempts at in­tro­du­cing pau­ses in the figh­ting and bom­bing ha­ve quick­ly de­te­ri­o­ra­ted, with both si­des ac­cu­sing the other of brea­king the tru­ce.

The most re­cent, in mid-Oc­to­ber, was mo­re suc­ces­sful, with figh­ting sus­pen­ded for se­ve­r­al days, des­pi­te being ori­gi­nal­ly plan­ned for on­ly eight hours. But that, too, en­ded with the re­sump­ti­on of Rus­si­an air­stri­kes against the be­sie­ged, re­bel-held por­ti­on of eas­tern Alep­po. Washington cal­l­ed off bi­la­te­ral talks with Russia this month fol­lo­wing the col­lap­se of a short-li­ved cea­se­fire in Alep­po and Sy­ria’s re­ne­wed of­fen­si­ve against the city’s re­bel-held east.

The re­gime, too, has been ac­cu­sed of in­dis­cri­mi­na­te­ly at­tac­king ci­vi­lians in Alep­po. Even tho­se hos­pi­ta­li­zed or li­ving un­der­ground aren’t sa­fe. “Bun­ker-bus­ter” bombs de­st­roy­ed the M10 hos­pi­tal in re­bel-held eas­tern Alep­po this month, op­po­si­ti­on ac­ti­vists said. Much of the hos­pi­tal was un­der­ground due to the ne­ar­con­stant fear of air­stri­kes. Bom­bings ha­ve al­so de­st­roy­ed wa­ter in­fra­struc­tu­re, de­pri­ving ma­ny Sy­ri­ans of clean wa­ter.

(CNN/pho­to: al­ma­nar.com.lb)

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