SWM to tac­kle il­legal jet pump con­nec­ti­ons

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Mar­lon Oos­ter­ling, di­rec­tor at the Su­ri­na­me Wa­ter Com­pa­ny (SWM), told

that he will ta­ke ac­ti­on against pe­o­p­le who ha­ve con­nec­ted their jet pump di­rect­ly to the wa­ter net­work. The SWM will tac­kle the il­legal con­nec­ti­ons with the help of the po­li­ce and the Pu­blic Pro­se­cu­tor’s Of­fi­ce.


Oos­ter­ling ex­plai­ned that eve­ry jet pump must be con­nec­ted to a wa­ter tank. Pe­o­p­le who are cau­ght with a di­rect con­nec­ti­on to the wa­ter net­work will be gi­ven a fi­ne and their jet pump will be con­fis­ca­ted. The SWM an­noun­ced that its wa­ter sta­ti­ons in Ma­ri­ën­burg re­cei­ve wa­ter sup­plies. As soon as the SWM has de­li­ve­r­ed wa­ter to its sta­ti­ons in Ma­ri­ën­burg, so­me re­si­dents im­me­di­a­te­ly con­nect their jet pump to the wa­ter net­work, the­re­by ma­king it dif­fi­cult for others to get any wa­ter. Oos­ter­ling has ma­de su­re that the pe­o­p­le re­cei­ved yard fau­cets so that they could get wa­ter. But the il­legal con­nec­ti­ons are lea­ving pe­o­p­le with yard fau­cets wit­hout any wa­ter. “It is an­ti­so­ci­al be­ha­vi­or and we tac­kle it,” said the SWM di­rec­tor.

A re­si­dent told Ti­mes of Su­ri­na­me that so­me re­si­dents do not get a sin­gle drop of wa­ter be­cau­se of the an­ti­so­ci­al be­ha­vi­or of cer­tain re­si­dents. The re­si­dents who­se yard fau­cets remain dry the­re­fo­re are de­pen­dent on the rain and creeks. She ex­plai­ned that re­si­dents of­ten fetch wa­ter from creeks du­ring the dry sea­son. So­me re­si­dents ha­ve to tra­vel long dis­tan­ces just to reach the ne­a­rest creek. Ma­ny re­si­dents who work du­ring the day ha­ve to fetch wa­ter from the creeks at night be­cau­se of the il­legal con­nec­ti­ons. “We on­ly ha­ve en­ough wa­ter when it rains. The rain is a dou­ble bles­sing for us,” said the re­si­dent who ad­ded that she is con­fi­dent that Oos­ter­ling will tac­kle the il­legal con­nec­ti­ons so that eve­ry­bo­dy can get wa­ter from the fau­cet. “It is very ti­re­so­me to ha­ve to walk se­ve­r­al ki­lo­me­ters just to fetch wa­ter. We ha­ve do­ne so for ma­ny ye­ars.”

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