Catt­le far­mer sur­vi­ves ho­me in­va­si­on

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A re­si­dent of Ca­ther­i­na’s Lust, West Coast Ber­bi­ce, is hap­py to be ali­ve af­ter what is be­lie­ved to be an at­temp­ted rob­be­ry, was th­war­ted by his neigh­bours on Mon­day night last.

Fif­ty-year-old Ray­mond Wal­ters, a li­ves­tock far­mer, who al­so works as a se­cu­ri­ty gu­ard at the Blair­mont Su­gar Esta­te, li­ves alo­ne at Ca­ther­i­na’s Lust South, aback of a rapid­ly de­vel­o­ping Hope­to­wn Mul­ti-Pur­po­se Coop­e­ra­ti­ve So­ci­e­ty hou­sing sche­me.

Ac­cor­ding to Mr. Wal­ters, it was about mid­night when he went out­si­de to use his de­ta­ched toi­let and was re­turning to the hou­se. He was ne­a­ring the top of the stairs when three men sud­den­ly poun­ced upon him, rai­ning blows, whi­le one man held him by the thro­at as they drag­ged him in­to the hou­se and de­mand­ed mo­ney. Wal­ters re­cal­l­ed being bit­ten on the ears by the man who was cho­king him, and he was ab­le to push him away du­ring the strug­gle to be ab­le to shout for help. His neigh­bours res­pon­ded prompt­ly, and the ap­pro­a­ching lights we­re en­ough to for­ce the at­tac­kers to beat a hasty retre­at, lea­ving their vic­tim bleeding from the head and the ear.

The mat­ter was re­por­ted at the Fort Wel­ling­ton Po­li­ce Sta­ti­on, and Wal­ters was ta­ken to the Fort Wel­ling­ton Hos­pi­tal whe­re he was kept over­night.

A trau­ma­ti­zed Wal­ters dis­clo­sed that he was rob­bed twi­ce be­fo­re in re­cent ti­mes, but the po­li­ce we­re ne­ver ab­le to sol­ve the ca­ses. He howe­ver claims that he was ab­le to re­cog­ni­ze one of the at­tac­kers in this re­por­ted in­ci­dent.

The po­li­ce are in­ves­ti­ga­ting.


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