San­tok­hi in­forms Bou­ter­se of cri­sis aid

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Chan­dri­ka­persad San­tok­hi, chair­man of the Pro­gres­si­ve Re­form Par­ty (VHP), on Tues­day night in­for­med Pre­si­dent De­si Bou­ter­se of the cri­sis aid that he sought for Su­ri­na­me in fo­reign coun­tries. The mee­ting re­por­ted­ly la­sted ne­ar­ly an hour. San­tok­hi re­por­ted­ly sought help for Su­ri­na­me’s he­al­th­ca­re sec­tor from the dias­po­ric com­mu­ni­ty in the Ne­ther­lands so that li­ves could be sa­ved. He al­so went see­king help in In­dia whe­re se­ve­r­al in­ves­tors ex­pres­sed their wil­ling­ness to ma­ke in­vest­ments in Su­ri­na­me. San­tok­hi told Ti­mes of Su­ri­na­me that so­me pe­o­p­le be­lie­ve that each govern­ment must clean up its own mess but that he does not look af­ter the govern­ment but the pe­o­p­le of Su­ri­na­me. “I wan­ted to ma­ke clear that our par­ty does not on­ly cri­ti­ci­ze but that we al­so pre­sent pro­po­sals. We do not remain on the si­de­li­nes to pre­sent cri­ti­cism. We al­so con­tri­bu­te,” said San­tok­hi who is al­so a mem­ber of Par­li­a­ment. He ex­plai­ned that his par­ty is not part of the ru­ling co­a­li­ti­on and that the govern­ment must think hard about me­a­su­res ai­med at con­trol­ling the cri­sis. “I ha­ve do­ne my part as le­gis­la­tor to help bring so­me re­lief for the pe­o­p­le. I wan­ted to help sa­ve li­ves by see­king help for the he­al­th­ca­re sec­tor. I want de­vel­op­ment for this coun­try,” said MP San­tok­hi who ad­ded that he and Pre­si­dent Bou­ter­se dis­cus­sed the fact that the cri­sis al­so af­fects other sec­tors but that li­fe-th­re­a­tening si­tu­a­ti­ons could oc­cur in the he­al­th­ca­re sec­tor. “Pe­o­p­le could die if the­re are no funds and equip­ment which is why I spo­ke to the dias­po­ric com­mu­ni­ty.” The VHP chair­man re­por­ted­ly as­ked the pre­si­dent if things could be set in­to mo­ti­on so that Su­ri­na­me can re­cei­ve aid from the dias­po­ric com­mu­ni­ty in the Ne­ther­lands. Pre­si­dent Bou­ter­se in­di­ca­ted that he would pre­sent the mat­ter to the Coun­cil of Mi­nis­ters. “I ha­ve al­rea­dy do­ne my part. The pre­si­dent must do the rest by turning it in­to govern­ment po­li­cy,” said MP San­tok­hi who ad­ded that ex­perts from the he­al­th­ca­re sec­tor ha­ve told him that the si­tu­a­ti­on at cer­tain hos­pi­tal wards is very se­rious. “I ha­ve al­so dis­cus­sed in­vest­ment op­por­tu­ni­ties with Pre­si­dent Bou­ter­se. I told him that the­re are pe­o­p­le who want to ma­ke in­vest­ments which will cre­a­te jobs and boost the govern­ment’s in­co­me.” The Of­fi­ce of the Pre­si­dent is­sued a press re­lea­se, in­di­ca­ting that it ap­pre­ci­a­tes the ef­forts of San­tok­hi. Pre­si­dent Bou­ter­se as­su­red San­tok­hi that he would sha­re the in­for­ma­ti­on with the Coun­cil of Mi­nis­ters. The press re­lea­se poin­ted out that the govern­ment ap­plauds all ini­ti­a­ti­ves ai­med of pe­o­p­le and or­ga­ni­za­ti­ons ai­med at ‘fixing’ the cur­rent eco­no­mic si­tu­a­ti­on.

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