Court ru­ling throws Brexit pro­cess in­to doubt

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ENG­LAND - Bri­tain’s plans to lea­ve the Eu­ro­pean Union we­re thrown in­to con­fu­si­on thurs­day af­ter a court ru­led that mem­bers of par­li­a­ment must be gi­ven a say in the pro­cess.

The UK High Court ru­led that law­ma­kers should vo­te on whe­ther the govern­ment can be­gin the for­mal Brexit pro­cess by trig­ge­ring Ar­ti­cle 50 of the EU tre­a­ty.

Ex­perts say par­li­a­ment is un­li­ke­ly to block Brexit out­right. But the ru­ling could mean Brexit is de­lay­ed, and law­ma­kers may get a chan­ce to in­flu­en­ce what kind of deal the govern­ment ne­go­ti­a­tes with the EU.

The ru­ling is a de­feat for the govern­ment. Pri­me Mi­nis­ter The­re­sa May wan­ted to trig­ger Ar­ti­cle 50 by the end of March 2017, me­a­ning the UK would most li­ke­ly lea­ve the EU two ye­ars la­ter.

The govern­ment said it was dis­ap­poin­ted by the ju­dg­ment and would ap­peal. “The coun­try vo­t­ed to lea­ve the Eu­ro­pean Union in a re­fe­ren­dum ap­pro­ved by Act of Par­li­a­ment. And the Govern­ment is de­ter­mi­ned to res­pect the re­sult of the re­fe­ren­dum,” a govern­ment spo­kesper­son said. Govern­ment la­wy­ers had ar­gued that May could gi­ve the EU for­mal no­ti­ce of Bri­tain’s de­ci­si­on to lea­ve wit­hout con­sul­ting par­li­a­ment. They said the pe­o­p­le who brought the case -- an in­vest­ment ma­na­ger and a hairdres­ser -- we­re trying to over­turn the re­sult of the Brexit re­fe­ren­dum in Ju­ne, in which 52% vo­t­ed in fa­vor of lea­ving the EU.

Three of Bri­tain’s most se­ni­or ju­d­ges dis­agreed.

“We de­ci­de that the govern­ment does not ha­ve po­wer... to gi­ve no­ti­ce pur­su­ant to Ar­ti­cle 50 for the UK to wit­h­draw from the Eu­ro­pean Union,” they said, ac­cor­ding to a sum­ma­ry of the ju­dg­ment.

Bri­tain’s Su­pre­me Court is li­ke­ly to hear the ap­peal in ear­ly De­cem­ber.

Fe­ars that the govern­ment may pur­sue a ‘hard’ break with the UK’s big­gest tra­ding part­ner ha­ve tras­hed the pound sin­ce the Ju­ne 23 re­fe­ren­dum.

The cur­r­en­cy ral­lied mo­re than 1% af­ter the ru­ling was an­noun­ced, but has still lost ne­ar­ly 17% against the US dol­lar sin­ce the vo­te.

Brexit cam­paig­ners re­ac­ted angri­ly.

Ni­gel Fa­ra­ge, lea­der of the UK In­de­pen­den­ce Par­ty, said he fea­red vo­ters would be be­tray­ed.

“I now fear that eve­ry at­tempt will be ma­de to block or de­lay the trig­ge­ring of Ar­ti­cle 50,” he said. “If this is so, they ha­ve no idea of the le­vel of pu­blic an­ger they will pro­vo­ke.”


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