9 DCs ad­ded to DC For­ce

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Ni­ne new mem­bers we­re ad­ded to the Di­s­trict Com­mis­si­o­ner For­ce on Wed­nes­day. Four fe­ma­le and fi­ve ma­le di­s­trict com­mis­si­o­ners we­re sworn in­to of­fi­ce by Pre­si­dent De­si Bou­ter­se and in­stal­led by Re­gi­o­nal De­vel­op­ment Mi­nis­ter Ed­gar Di­kan. The new DCs are: Trees Ci­ri­no, Jo-Ann Aru­pa, Au­gust Ba­doo, Lud­wig Met­ten­d­af, Ke­nya Pan­sa, Sar­wan­koe­mar Ra­mai, Aud­rey Han­kers, Ad­jai­koe­maar Ka­li and Fred­dy Da­niel. Re­mie Tar­na­die will most li­ke­ly be in­stal­led as the DC of the Coro­nie Di­s­trict. The DCs will each be tas­ked with boos­ting the de­vel­op­ment pro­cess within their ad­mi­ni­stra­ti­ve re­gi­ons. All of the new DC’s so­lemn­ly pro­mi­sed to do their job in good con­scien­ce. “You must not ex­pect gra­ti­tu­de from others. Be strict.. no non­sen­se but try to be be­lo­ved at the sa­me ti­me by tre­a­ting others fair­ly,” Pre­si­dent Bou­ter­se told the new DC’s. Mi­nis­ter Ed­gar Di­kan ex­plai­ned to them that they had to stick to the goal of ad­mi­ni­stra­ti­ve de­cen­stra­li­za­ti­on. “Wit­hout the in­vol­ve­ment of the ci­ti­zens the­re can be no de­cen­tra­li­za­ti­on,” Mi­nis­ter Di­kan told the new DCs. He ur­ged them to work to­gether on achie­ving the pri­ma­ry goal which is boos­ting pro­gress. He al­so war­ned them that the­re would be ma­ny tempta­ti­ons and or­deals but that they had to do their job with a clear con­scien­ce.

Ro­li­ne Sams­oe­dien, pre­si­dent of the DC’s and di­s­trict com­mis­si­o­ner of Wa­ni­ca, ex­plai­ned that the 9 new mem­bers we­re in­terns of ex­pe­rien­ced DCs. DC Sams­oe­dien who will re­por­ted­ly be­co­me a re­gi­o­nal DC ex­plai­ned to her new col­lea­gues that their job is ex­ten­si­ve. The Wa­ni­ca Di­s­trict will re­por­ted­ly be di­vi­ded in­to 2 re­sorts and the Sipaliwini Di­s­trict in 3.

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