VWOS: “Fu­el hi­ke to af­fect pri­ces”

Times of Suriname - - ENGELS -

Who­lesa­lers and re­tai­lers poin­ted out that the ex­chan­ge ra­tes on the street ha­ve ri­sen and that they are cur­rent­ly wai­ting to see if the ex­chan­ge ra­tes at Cust­oms will al­so go up. The re­cent fu­el hi­ke will most cer­tain­ly ha­ve an im­pact on the pri­ces of va­rious pro­ducts in lo­cal sto­res and bu­si­nes­ses,” Gretl Wol­fram, chair­wo­man at the Re­tai­lers’ and En­tre­pre­neurs’ As­so­ci­a­ti­on Su­ri­na­me (WOVS), told Ti­mes of Su­ri­na­me. In the last week of Oc­to­ber the WOVS in­di­ca­ted that con­su­mers would no­ti­ce a drop in pri­ces due to the fact that the ex­chan­ge ra­te at Cust­oms had drop­ped. Pri­ces did in fact drop. But this week the ex­chan­ge ra­tes at the bank and on the street on­ce again went up. The ex­chan­ge ra­te for the US dol­lar at Cust­oms is still SRD 6.95 whi­le each dol­lar costs at least 19 cents mo­re on the streets and at the bank. The WOVS cau­tious­ly poin­ted out that the­se re­cent de­vel­op­ments could com­pli­ca­te things. The chair­wo­man poin­ted out that mer­chants will al­so rai­se their pri­ces to co­ver the ad­di­ti­o­nal costs as a re­sult of the fu­el hi­ke. The pri­ce of gas­o­li­ne and die­sel re­por­ted­ly ro­se with SRD 0.25 at the be­gin­ning of this week. The chair­wo­man al­so poin­ted out that she ex­pects that con­su­mers will un­just­ly bla­me re­tai­lers of the pri­ce in­crea­se. She ex­plai­ned that re­tai­lers are al­lo­wed to cal­cu­la­te a pro­fit mar­gin of 20%.

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