In­tru­ders set Ca­ne Gro­ve ge­ne­ral sto­re on fire

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A ge­ne­ral sto­re at Ca­ne Gro­ve, East Coast De­me­ra­ra was re­por­ted­ly set on fire by in­tru­ders, du­ring what ap­pe­a­red to be an at­temp­ted bur­gla­ry around 02:45 hrs wed­nes­day . Fi­re­figh­ters found a fi­ve-gal­lon bott­le con­tai­ning die­sel and co­conut husk, which was used to start the bla­ze. Kai­e­teur News was told that the fire did not start in one spot, but in fact, it was set in dif­fe­rent lo­ca­ti­ons on the ground floor of the two-sto­rey buil­ding.

A pair of slip­pers, which po­li­ce sus­pect be­longs to one of the in­tru­ders, was found near the pre­mi­ses.

Two men, who we­re seen lur­king around the area about an hour be­fo­re the fire, we­re ta­ken in­to cus­to­dy la­te wed­nes­day.

The ow­ner, Shi­va­ram It­wa­ru said that he was slee­ping when a re­la­ti­ve went to his ho­me and cal­l­ed for him, in­for­ming him that his ge­ne­ral sto­re, which is a sto­ne’s throw from his ho­me, was on fire. Ac­cor­ding to It­wa­ru, when he got to the lo­ca­ti­on, the sto­re was on fire. He said that short­ly af­ter he ar­ri­ved, a fire ten­der got the­re and ma­na­ged to put out the bla­ze.

At that point, the bu­si­ness­man thought that he was de­a­ling with a case of fire, but was then in­for­med by the in­ves­ti­ga­tors that so­me­o­ne had bro­ken in­to his es­ta­blish­ment through a win­dow and set the pla­ce on fire.

Kai­e­teur news was in­for­med that the men re­mo­ved one of the grills from a win­dow and en­te­red the sto­re. It is be­lie­ved that af­ter the men would ha­ve “clea­ned” the sto­re, they lit the fire to co­ver their tracks. The bu­si­ness­man ope­ra­ted a phar­ma­cy, gro­cery, hard­wa­re and clothing sto­re at the es­ta­blish­ment which he said was not in­su­red.

The ge­ne­ral sto­re is lo­ca­ted just op­po­si­te the po­li­ce sta­ti­on. It­wa­ru esti­ma­ted his los­ses to be in ex­cess of USD 30M. (Kai­e­teur news)

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