Tur­key ar­rests pro-Kur­dish par­ty lea­ders amid claims of in­ter­net shut­down

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TUR­KEY - The two joint lea­ders of Tur­key’s pro-Kur­dish Pe­o­p­les’ De­mo­cra­tic par­ty (HDP) ha­ve been de­tai­ned along with at least 10 MPs be­cau­se of their re­luct­an­ce to give tes­ti­mo­ny for cri­mes lin­ked to “ter­ro­rist pro­pa­gan­da”.

Po­li­ce rai­ded the Ankara ho­me of co-le­a­der Se­la­hat­tin De­mir­taș and the hou­se of co-le­a­der Fi­gen Yük­sek­dağ in Diy­ar­bakır, the lar­gest ci­ty in Tur­key’s main­ly Kur­dish sou­t­he­ast, yes­ter­day . De­mir­taş – a cha­ris­ma­tic le­a­der known as the “Kur­dish Oba­ma” by so­me ad­mi­rers – and Yük­sek­dağ had been tar­ge­ted by se­ve­r­al se­pa­ra­te in­ves­ti­ga­ti­ons over the past few months but this is the first ti­me that ei­ther has been de­tai­ned. At least 10 other HDP par­li­a­men­ta­ri­ans we­re al­so held, la­wy­ers said, in a ma­jor es­ca­la­ti­on of the govern­ment’s crack­down on its op­po­nents in the wa­ke of the fai­led coup on 15 Ju­ly. Raids al­so took pla­ce in the south-eas­tern ci­ties of Van and Bingöl. The raids took pla­ce against a back­drop of ri­sing cri­ti­cism over the govern­ment’s pur­ge, which ear­lier this week al­so saw the is­suing of ar­rest war­rants against edi­tors and staff of Cum­hu­riy­et, the main op­po­si­ti­on news­pa­per in the coun­try, and a fresh round of dis­mis­sals in the gen­dar­me­rie.




HDP’s po­li­ti­cians of har­bou­ring sym­pa­thies for, and ac­ting to fur­ther the in­te­rests of the Kur­dis­tan Wor­kers, par­ty (PKK), a se­pa­ra­tist group en­ga­ged in an in­sur­g­en­cy against the govern­ment. Pea­ce talks col­lap­sed last year amid ac­cu­sa­ti­ons that the PKK was re­ar­ming and as the ru­ling Jus­ti­ce and De­vel­op­ment par­ty (AKP) drif­ted to­wards al­ly­ing with the na­ti­o­na­list bloc in par­li­a­ment.


Lar­sa and Scot­tie Pip­pen. Scot­tie fi­led for di­vor­ce from his wi­fe of al­most 20 ye­ars. (Pho­to: dai­lymail.co.uk)

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