Lar­sa and Scot­tie Pip­pen ‘li­ke­ly to re­con­ci­le’

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USA - Scot­tie Pip­pen shock­ed ma­ny as he fi­led for di­vor­ce last month.

But things may be wor­king out af­ter all bet­ween he and Kim Kar­das­hi­an’s BFF Lar­sa. The 51-year-old for­mer NBA su­per­star and 42-year-old stun­ner may be on the ver­ge of re­con­ci­li­a­ti­on ac­cor­ding to a Tues­day re­port from New York Post’s Pa­ge Six. A sour­ce clo­se to Lar­sa told the gos­sip si­te: ‘I’m fair­ly cer­tain they’re go­ing to ma­ke up... He’s sen­ding her mes­sa­ges. They’re com­mu­ni­ca­ting. I don’t think they’re go­ing to pull the trig­ger. ‘He was saying, “I miss you. Let’s talk.” She’s fee­ling the sa­me way. When it rains, it pours, but Scot­tie’s at a dif­fe­rent pla­ce. She’s at a dif­fe­rent pla­ce, and they’re just fi­gu­ring it out.’ A few rea­sons ha­ve even been gi­ven for the rift in their re­la­ti­ons­hip as a sour­ce clo­se to Scot­tie told Pa­ge six that Lar­sa’s friends­hip with ce­le­bri­ties li­ke Kim and Kourt­ney Kar­das­hi­an is a bit pro­ble­ma­tic for him. The in­si­der said: ‘Scot­tie ha­tes this who­le “Kar­das­hi­an In­st­agram li­fe­sty­le.” [Lar­sa is] all about clubs and rap­pers and DJs. He just wants out of that world.’ The for­mer Chi­ca­go Bulls play­er would ra­ther li­ve a low­key li­fe of playing golf as the sour­ce ex­plai­ned: ‘He’s af­raid of all the gos­sip that co­mes with that Kar­das­hi­an world she’s in.’ Scot­tie has al­so land­ed a job wor­king for ESPN in Chi­ca­go and the sour­ce for the gos­sip si­te says he lo­ves it the­re while Lar­sa pre­fers their li­fe in Mi­a­mi.

It was re­por­ted by TMZ that Scot­tie has fi­led for di­vor­ce from Lar­sa af­ter ne­ar­ly 20 ye­ars of mar­ria­ge. They ha­ve four child­ren to­gether. Soon af­ter a rep for Lar­sa re­lea­sed a sta­te­ment to UsWee­kly: ‘Af­ter ca­re­ful con­si­de­ra­ti­on and 19 ye­ars to­gether, Lar­sa and Scot­tie ha­ve each fi­led for dis­so­lu­ti­on of their mar­ria­ge. ‘Alt­hough they are no lon­ger to be mar­ried, Lar­sa remains ho­pe­ful that she and Scot­tie will al­ways do what is best for their four beau­ti­ful child­ren and joint­ly rai­se them with lo­ve and res­pect.’ ‘The­re are ti­mes when it’s so good, and ti­mes when it’s [not]. But you kind of ha­ve to ma­ke yourself hap­py first, then you can ma­ke the other per­son hap­py,’ Lar­sa said. Scot­tie ad­ded, ‘We’re in it all the way. That’s what ma­kes it work, two pe­o­p­le who are wil­ling to com­mit them­sel­ves.’ Scot­tie has ac­cu­mu­la­ted an esti­ma­ted li­fe­ti­me earnings re­por­ted at around USD 120 mil­lon. But he has al­so ma­de bad in­vest­ments. He un­suc­ces­sful­ly sued his for­mer law firm for mis­ma­na­ging his mo­ney which led to the loss of around USD 27 mil­li­on of Pip­pen’s mo­ney. He al­so al­le­gedly spent wild­ly on pla­nes and man­si­ons. His worth now is re­por­ted­ly around USD 50m.


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