SWM re­pla­ces old wa­ter pi­pes un­der­ne­ath in­ter­sec­ti­on

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The cros­sing of the Was­hing­ton­straat and the Kwat­ta­weg was clo­sed yes­ter­day and will re­main clo­sed to traf­fic for about 2 weeks. The Su­ri­na­me­se Wa­ter Com­pa­ny (SWM) is bu­sy re­pla­cing its old wa­ter net­work at this in­ter­sec­ti­on. Traf­fic is re­por­ted­ly being di­ver­ted.

Ed­mond Bluf­pand, Chief of Pu­blic Re­la­ti­ons, told Ti­mes of Su­ri­na­me that old pi­pes are lo­ca­ted un­der­ne­ath the roads at this in­ter­sec­ti­on. The SWM had re­por­ted­ly de­tec­ted ma­ny leaks and the­re­fo­re has to re­pla­ce the old wa­ter pi­pes that are ma­de of as­bes­tos with pvc pi­pes. The SWM poin­ted out that pe­o­p­le in that area will ex­pe­rien­ce a low wa­ter pres­su­re. Dri­vers are being ad­vi­sed to steer clear from the Was­hings­ton­straat and the Kern­kamp­weg when trying to reach the Kwat­ta­weg. Dri­vers who co­me from the north are being ad­vi­sed to opt for the Mun­der- or the Boer­bui­ten­weg in or­der to reach the Kwat­ta­weg. Dri­vers who co­me from the west are being ad­vi­sed to opt for the Twee­de Rij­weg or the Kul­dipsingh­straat while traf­fic from the ci­ty’s cen­ter can opt for the Dr Sop­hie Red­mond­straat or the Flu­straat when hea­ding to­wards the south or the west and opt for the Mun­der­weg when hea­ding to­wards the nor­thern part of the Pa­ra­ma­ri­bo.

Bluf­pand ex­plai­ned that a main road has been clo­sed off in con­sulta­ti­on with the po­li­ce and the Traf­fic De­part­ment at the Mi­ni­stry of Pu­blic Works. The SWM pre­vious­ly re­pla­ced the old pi­pes lo­ca­ted at the cros­sing of the Ma­ho­ny­laan and the Wil­hel­mi­nastraat.

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